"We never had any illusions as to who we are dealing with. It was clear to us that after the Cold War ended, Washington and its NATO satellites sought total hegemony and wanted to resolve their own development challenges at the expense of others." -- Sergey Lavrov's article for Razvedchik news magazine (24/3/2023)

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The problem with heat pumps is they're fundamentally uneconomic, and no amount of shifting the costs around can hide that, says Andrew Montford. So beware the Government's latest bait-and-switch ruse to get you to buy one.

You must give Democrats credit for peddling the most absurd hyper-hyperbolic campaign narratives as a means of gaslighting the American people with spin and fearmongering.  They follow the Joseph Goebbels school of propaganda.  The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed – especially if you repeat it over and over.

Klaus Schwabs Great Reset Co-Author Blows Whistle on WEFs Greenwashing Agenda MikeRivero

The co-author of World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab’s “COVID-19: The Great Reset” has blown the whistle on the inner workings of the globalist organization.

Thierry Malleret, who wrote “The Great Reset” with Schwab in 2020, has just released a new exposé titled “Deaths at Davos.”

The new book exposes the greenwashing agenda of the WEF, revealing that globalists are using fabricated environmental issues to accumulate more power, control, and wealth.

China aims to avoid coal shortages during the peak summer demand season by stockpiling coal and increasing production. China boosted its coal production in June to the highest level in six months as it looked to meet power demand for cooling in the summer and as eased mining safety inspections allowed some mines to resume operations.
Ed Miliband’s decision to give the Mallard Pass a 3,000-acre-solar farm is like forcing a baby to have tattoos for its own health, says Joanna Gray. Trouble is, too few these days care for the beauty of nature.

Billionaire Bill Gates has just unveiled his latest synthetic “food” which he promises will “eliminate” farmers and “save the planet” from “global warming.”

Gates is funding a new startup with produces fake “butter” that doesn’t require dairy cows or the crops needed for margarine.

Instead, Gates says his “butter” is made from “vegan” fat which is produced from chemicals.

Gates-backed startup Savor produces this fat from “emissions” captured from fossil fuel burnings and gas-powered vehicles.

(SQAUK) — NASHVILLE, Illinois — In a dramatic turn of events, the Nashville Dam has failed, immediately evacuating the entire city. Authorities issued an urgent warning late last night, predicting the dam’s imminent collapse. However, the situation escalated far more quickly than anticipated, catching many residents off guard. This morning, residents of Nashville, Illinois, were jolted awake by blaring emergency alerts and frantic knocks from emergency responders.

Authored by Daniel Lacalle,

If you read the latest OECD publication, “Employment Outlook 2024: The Net Zero Transition and the Labour Market,” you would imagine that the world has not gone through the largest monetary and fiscal stimulus in decades.

The massive 2022 eruption of the underwater volcano in Tonga, known as Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai, catapulted plumes of soot, water vapor, and sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere, leading to what some are saying is the driving force behind the most recent warming event on Earth. Meanwhile, the 'green' cult, their climate alarmist friends, including Greta and Al Gore, and their allies in the leftist corporate media, relentlessly push the fossil fuels and cow farts narratives to explain the so-called global warming crisis.