"Nobody loves America more than I do, you know. That's why we left, because I couldn't bare to watch. You kids have got to understand this. Like when my mother died, she'd been strong as an ox, fell down, broke her hip, went into the hospital and caught double pneumonia. She's laying in bed dying and I went over and held her hand. She looked up to me and you know what she said? "Why don't you give me some rat poison?" Couldn't listen, couldn't watch, so I went away. People said that I was at the height of callousness, it's not true. I loved her too much to watch her die." -- Allie, The Mosquito Coast

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A MAJOR global tech outage has sparked chaos with flights grounded and TV channels and banks knocked offline. The severe issues at Microsoft have crashed computer systems across the world leaving major businesses, newsrooms and television networks all plunged into chaos.
Do you still doubt that chaos is about to erupt in every corner of the United States in the coming months? The latest events are proof that social tensions are escalating alarmingly fast all over the country. Our population is becoming increasingly more divided – something that will likely get worse when people start heading to the ballots in November.
Former Democrat with 116k+ followers urges others to leave the party, highlighting divisive mindset. alexmark
Top CLO manager warns of impending deals' challenges; delinquency and watch lists signal deeper issues. alexmark
[Video] PJW - More Strange Questions About the Trump Shooting malterwitty
U.S. Government Saddled with COVID Vaccine Injury Mess While Vaccine Makers Avoid Liability Ladylove

As early as January 2022, National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers were aware of at least 850 peer-reviewed case reports and/or research articles about COVID-19 vaccine reactions, according to emails obtained by Children’s Health Defense (CHD).