"We never had any illusions as to who we are dealing with. It was clear to us that after the Cold War ended, Washington and its NATO satellites sought total hegemony and wanted to resolve their own development challenges at the expense of others." -- Sergey Lavrov's article for Razvedchik news magazine (24/3/2023)

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62-minute video: Need to Know News: lucid analysis of current events (July 18, 2024) Carl_Herman
Joe Olson, Chris Weinert, and I discuss current events to sharply discern objective reality fit for news from corporate media bullshit to herd sheeple: here on BitChute and (censored on YouTube). Topics and stories informing analysis of today’s news: 1. “Deep State” assassinations are routine: Video footage from 1963 shows Secret Service agents being given stand down orders moments before JFK was assassinated, causing them to become visibly perplexed.
Judgment (Cartoon) orraz
Blatant (Cartoon) orraz
Why JD Vance is the right guy to help secure Americas wide-open borders orraz
Republican frontrunner former President Donald Trump has just picked Ohio Sen. JD Vance as his running mate and supporters believe that he makes for the perfect vice president to secure the U.S. border that President Joe Biden has opened wide. Vance is a staunch supporter of America-first foreign policy and when they assume office, this will be surely back in force.
Biden exploits assassination attempt on Trump to call for AR-15, assault rifle BAN orraz
In a bumbling speech he delivered in front of the NAACP, President Biden called on Congress to immediately "outlaw" AR-15s and other similar rifles because of what happened to Donald Trump at the former president's Butler, Penn., rally on July 13.
Breaking: Video Shows COVID Stricken Joe Biden Struggling to Get in Car, Needing Push From Secret Service Agent orraz
Stunning video shows 81-year-old Joe Biden, diagnosed with COVID earlier in the day forcing him to cut short a trip in Nevada, struggled to get in the car late Wednesday night after deplaning from Air Force One in Delaware and needed help from a Secret Service agent who appeared to push Biden’s rear end into the car and across the seat. Biden had returned to his Rehoboth Beach home to quarantine and recuperate. Earlier, Biden had struggled climbing the steps to Air Force One when leaving Nevada.
Biden Staffers Slip Him Note While on Call with Democrat Lawmakers, Reads Note Outloud, You Are Sounding Defensive orraz
On a recent call with Democrat lawmakers to assuage concerns about his declining mental capacity and to shore up support for his continuation on the top of the ticket, staffers handed Joe Biden a private note critiquing his tone and telling him to “stay positive.”
Joe Biden Falls Apart During Catastrophic BET Interview: I , I named a, uh, the, uh, Secretary of Defense The Black Man (VIDEO) orraz
Perhaps the toxic combination of dementia and casual racism will serve as the impetus for Democrats to finally cast Old Joe aside.
Fraternity Brothers Who Saved American Flag From Pro-Hamas Mob on College Campus Cheered at RNC Too Many People Have Sacrificed Everything For It orraz
Heroic University of North Carolina fraternity brothers who protected a fallen American flag from a pro-Hamas mob despite a violent onslaught from the radicals.

The Iwo Jima 2.0 pic, immortalizing the Trump fist surviving an assassination attempt, has taken the world by storm – generating everything from a meme tsunami on China’s Weibo to fresh anime in Japan. Not to mention the deluge of hats and T-shirts.