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Emmanuel Macron has driven France to the brink of 'Frexit' by ignoring warnings about migration, EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier claims MikeRivero

Emmanuel Macron has driven France to the brink of its own 'Frexit' moment by ignoring warnings about migration, EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has claimed. 

Political establishment furious with Macron MikeRivero

France is about to bring the EU to the brink of collapse MikeRivero

It is a terrifying showdown, an epic moment of truth that threatens to blow up the EU, trigger another Eurozone crisis and, just three days into his prime ministership, throw Sir Keir Starmer’s immigration and trade plans into disarray. In two weeks’ time, France will have either elected the most radical Right-wing populist government ever to control a nuclear power, opted for a rabidly anti-capitalist, anti-Western, far-Left coalition, or proved itself to be entirely ungovernable. 

Emmanuel Macron moves from one blunder to the next MikeRivero

Macron's Idiotic Ukraine Policies Have Paved Way For Triumph Of The French Right MikeRivero

The EU, NATO, and a number of European capitals are watching France's political turmoil with growing alarm, as President Emmanuel Macron is clearly on the ropes, having called early elections, leaving a path open for the French 'far-right' to triumph. 

The foreign policy establishment in both Europe and Washington fears that large-scale joint initiatives like ramped-up military spending and the new push to fund Ukraine's defense for years to come could also be in question, given Macron had long become among Kiev's top cheerleaders.

Macron just threw a live grenade at his own feet MikeRivero

The latest French national polls show a final face off between the anti-establishment right and left, and the total decimation of President Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance party. Looks like he may have fooled himself into thinking that dumping all over the political chessboard was a big-brained three-dimensional move. 

NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg, although claiming he would not comment on France’s ongoing domestic crisis, said that “I strongly believe it is in the interest of France, and all the allies, to keep NATO strong, because we live in a more dangerous world.”

France is right now facing a political crisis – maybe the wildest one in decades, as Arnaud Bertrand, businessman and commentator, writes.

Le Pen comments on ousting Macron MikeRivero

Marine Le Pen has said she will not seek the immediate removal of President Emmanuel Macron from office should her National Rally (NR) party come out on top in France's upcoming general election. 

The former long-time NR leader currently heads the party’s faction in  parliament. Macron called a snap election after his party lost spectacularly to the NR in the EU parliamentary elections earlier this month.

How a Volcano Triggered the French Revolution MikeRivero