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In the face of a potentially industry-ending slew of patent cliffs, Big Pharma has begun acquiring biotechnology companies to stave off collapse.
BlueAnon Watch: One-Third Of Democrats Believe Trump Faked Assassination Attempt As Conspiracy Theory Goes Mainstream MikeRivero

At the height of the "QAnon" fervor in 2021 - roughly 23% of Republicans said they believed the theory that Donald Trump is fighting a cabal of satanic, sex-trafficking pedophiles.

MUST WATCH!!! Debunking Conspiracy Theories Around Trumps Assassination Attempt (Was Trump assassination attempt staged?) MikeRivero

Was this staged? No

Whoopi Goldberg attacks Kai Trump's rousing RNC speech about grandfather Donald - urging viewers 'not to fall for it' MikeRivero

Whoopi Goldberg didn't hold back when sharing her thoughts about Kai Trump's Republican National Convention (RNC) speech, urging voters 'not to fall for it.'

Biden Nomination Odds Collapse On Reports Of Imminent Withdrawal, Harris Reportedly Vetting Running Mates Ladylove

Multiples sources outline the apparent state of play on Biden at this time:

CIA says it gave false information to Congress about Spies Who Lie MikeRivero

The CIA said Thursday it gave false information to Congress about the “Spies Who Lie” who suggested incriminating documents from Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian disinformation.

In the stunning twist that’s heightening congressional doubts about the impartiality and reliability of America’s premier spy agency, the CIA said in a letter acquired by The Post that former agency acting director Michael Morell was not a contractor at the time he organized the October 2020 laptop statement.

Investment Firm That Allegedly Put Options on 12 Million Trump Stocks Day Before Assassination Attempt Blames Filing Error Rothschild, BlackRock, Vanguard, Meta, George Bush, and Cheney Family Among Top Investors MikeRivero

Austin Private Wealth, LLC, a Texas-based financial planning company, is being scrutinized after a social media post went viral that claimed they had put options on as many as 12 million shares of DJT shares just one day before the assassination attempt on Donald Trump.

The investment firm denied the allegations and has now blamed a filing error for this controversial action.