Competitive Scrabble players have accused games company Mattel of virtue signalling after banning a host of terms from the official score list.

More than 400 terms were banned in a bid to make the game more inclusive.

The ban targets slurs on race, sexuality and gender, making them no longer acceptable in the game's official scoring dictionary.

Competitive Scrabble player Jonathan Maitland, who once boasted about being top of the London Scrabble League, explained how unpopular the new ruling was.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell's city could be on its way to record-setting crime as violence plagues blue cities nationwide.

She is the latest to follow the pattern of Democratic leadership laid out by mayors like Eric Adams of New York, Lori Lightfoot of Chicago, Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles and Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C.: lingering economic problems from rigid COVID policies, homelessness and rampant crime.

GIRL Guides bosses have been slammed for pandering to 'woke gobbledygook' after asking leaders to learn nearly 100 gender-inclusive terms so they can discuss LGBT issues with their young members.

Their stance has now angered a senior Conservative MP, who says he intends to write to the group with his concerns.

Britain's largest girl-only youth organisation recommended leaders understand dozens of words - including demisexual, agender and aromantic.

This country is not the same place that it was ten years ago. In fact, it is not even close to the same place that it was five years ago. Violent crime is out of control in many of our major cities, and there aren’t enough police to handle it all.