A college graduate was fired from his first job in NYC after a Twitter mob descended on him for complaining it was hard to shop for dinner at his local bodegas.  

Griffin Green, 24, moved to the Bronx from Michigan last week for a new opportunity as a sales development rep with the software company Outreach, Reason reported.

The U.S. Capitol Police detained more than 180 people near the Supreme Court in a demonstration Thursday for abortion rights, according to officials.

The arrested protesters sat down in the middle of an intersection and interrupted traffic near the National Mall. Capitol Police said it had given the group three warnings before the 181 arrests were made. Those arrested were charged with crowding, obstructing, or incommoding the intersection, the Capitol Police told the Washington Examiner.

Uvalde, Texas school police chief Pete Arredondo, who has faced withering criticism for his response to the Robb Elementary School shooting, will step down from city council, he told a local newspaper.

Arredondo was recently elected to the Uvalde city council in Texas, but he told the Uvalde Leader-News that he intends to resign. 

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said in a statement that the city has not received a resignation letter from Arredondo, but McLaughlin called it "the right thing to do."

Essential feminine products are in short supply. A few girls I know laughed and said that they could have told me this a year ago before the topic reached the headlines. One complained that she traveled to three different stores to find her preferred brand. A shortage of cotton and plastic items has led to a slowdown in tampon manufacturing. This is not a good time of the month to anger half of the population.