The whole war in Ukraine could and should have been avoided. Russia had simple demands:

  • Don’t join NATO
  • Be Neutral
  • Recognize Crimea, a part of Russia

But it seems NATO, dominated by the United States wanted this war.

Airbus has secured a bulk order for 292 of its A320 single-aisle aircraft from four Chinese airlines, as deteriorating US-China relations tipped the balance for aviation sales in the European manufacturer’s favour, dealing a blow to the American rival Boeing.

Sweden, a good country that cares about its citizens, publishes up-to-date birth statistics.

The statistics are very concerning and show a deepening decline in births this year. It is actually WORSE than it looks on this chart, as I will show later.


Norway on Friday pledged 1 billion euros ($1.04 billion) to help Ukraine defend itself, support people in need and for reconstruction in the wake of Russia's invasion.

Addressing a news conference in Kyiv alongside Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said Norway wanted to express its solidarity with Ukraine's fight for survival.

Ukraine now has a "very clear European perspective" but the road to EU membership will take time and require hard work, the president of the EU executive told the country's parliament on Friday.

EU leaders last week granted Ukraine candidate status to join the bloc, formally opening a process that is expected to take years before it becomes a member of the union that now comprises 27 countries.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock wants to accelerate the discussion about bringing the Western Balkan states closer to the European Union.

No more time should be lost in the efforts for integration and harmonization, the Green politician said on Friday after talks with her Slovenian counterpart Tanja Fajon in Berlin.

The government has halted payments to citizens who received refugees, but nonetheless continues to supply Kiev with weapons. The latter, in the Kremlin's view, only perpetuates the conflict that had prompted the exodus.

Warsaw residents took to the streets to protest continuing waves of immigrants from Ukraine on 2 July.

Poland’s foreign minister on Thursday said that decisions made by NATO leaders at their Madrid summit signalled that a number of permanent US military bases would be established in Central and Eastern Europe.

Zbigniew Rau made the remark to reporters during the three-day NATO meeting in the Spanish capital….

Permanent US presence in Poland

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden announced that Washington would create a permanent headquarters for its Army V Corps in Poland in response to threats coming from Moscow after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.