New York Governor Kathy Hochul once again signed sweeping gun legislation into law on Friday that created several severe new restrictions on obtaining a gun in the state, including drastically increasing concealed carry regulations and requiring applicants to turn over social media history.

United Parcel Service (UPS) is reportedly terminating the accounts of gun sellers across the country, stating any ‘ghost firearms’ shipment detected in UPS may be confiscated and destroyed.

Military veteran and firearms journalist Lee Williams was the first to break this news.

New York has adopted a sweeping gun control law aiming to ban firearms from a number of “sensitive areas,” including Times Square, also requiring social media checks for gun permit applicants to ensure their “character and conduct.”

The Democrat-sponsored bill advanced through the New York legislature during a special session on Friday, with Governor Kathy Hochul signing it soon after.

New York officials have announced a pair of lawsuits against companies that sell untraceable firearms assembled from kits, which politicians claim have caused many deaths — despite ghost guns making up a small and declining portion of firearms seized by police.

During a Wednesday press conference, Mayor Eric Adams and state Attorney General Letitia James revealed New York City and state are taking two separate legal actions against vendors of DIY weapons.

Gun permits have rarely been issued in Nigeria—but that's about to change.

In the face of rampant violence by huge gangs of heavily armed bandits, one state governor has ordered the mass issuance of gun permits to citizens desperate for a chance to protect themselves. 

President Joe Biden on Saturday signed into law the first major federal gun reform in three decades, days following a decision he condemned by the Supreme Court expanding firearm owners' rights.

"God willing, it's going to save a lot of lives," Biden announced at the White House after signing the bill with his wife Jill by his side.

The bipartisan bill came together only weeks after mass shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo that slew over 30 people, including 19 children at an elementary school.

Ladies and gentleman, we regret to inform you that Merrick Garland is at it again. His office just took two actions in two consecutive days that constitute a tacit legal insurrection against the United States of America.

Just yesterday, in an unprecedented move, our intrepid United States Attorney General’s office released a statement saying that the DOJ “disagrees” with the Court’s ruling securing Second Amendment concealed carry rights.