"Peace is that brief glorious moment in history, when everybody stands around reloading" -- Thomas Jefferson

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It appears that the military-industrial complex has complete control of the government of the United States, which recently voted to give the Pentagon roughly a trillion dollars of the tax-payers money. This was done by cutting back on social programs which would have helped poor working families.

Members of Congress are concerned about reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to move tactical nuclear weapons into Belarus, though the threat should not stop the U.S. from continuing its support for Ukraine, Rep. Mike Gallagher said Sunday.

On Thursday, the US sailed a warship near the Chinese-controlled Paracel Islands in the South China Sea amid heightened tensions between Washington and Beijing in the region.

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) said it drove away the guided-missile destroyer USS Milius after it “illegally” sailed near the disputed islands. The US Navy’s Seventh Fleet disputed China’s claims and said the Milinus “was not expelled.”

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Writing this, I must admit that my rage and pain build up inside, still twenty years later. Below, see what TFF and I wrote back then and why we were, simply put, making better predictions on a shoestring budget than the US and other NATO decision-makers on multi-billion-dollar budgets.

Like other wars and interventions, this was no “mistake”. It was an unavoidable consequence of Western MIRE – Militarism, Imperialism, Racism and Exceptionalism.

NATO’s use of depleted uranium munitions in its air war against Yugoslavia was a “horrible and inhumane experiment” against the entire region, Serbian Health Minister Danica Grujicic has said. Contamination from these munitions led to a surge in cancer, autoimmune disease, and infertility, Grujicic added. 

Putin: Wests Weapons Supply to Ukraine Wont Be Enough to OutgunRussia MikeRivero Sun, 03/26/2023 - 07:38

The United States and its European allies have sent tens of billions of dollars-worth of military equipment to Kiev to fuel a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Moscow has warned repeatedly about the consequences of these actions for regional and global security.

Western countries won’t be able to deliver enough weapons in Ukraine to outgun Russia, President Vladimir Putin has assured.

Nord Steam pipeline sabotage: Part deux MikeRivero Sun, 03/26/2023 - 07:32

On this episode of Direct Impact, host Rick Sanchez held an exclusive interview with legendary journalist Seymour Hersh regarding his investigation into the Nord Stream pipeline explosion, which caused a shockwave throughout the world. Hersh gives a breakdown of his investigation and some of the sinister details he uncovered.

The US Navy has awarded Raytheon a $234-million contract to produce and deliver the Over-the-Horizon Weapon System (OTH-WS).

The work will be performed in Norway and various US locations through March 2027.

The navy declared a team of Raytheon and Kongsberg the winner of the OTH-WS program in 2018 consisting of contract options worth up to $847.61 million.