After Destroying It, NATO Says It Is Willing To ‘Help Libya’ | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

After Destroying It, NATO Says It Is Willing To ‘Help Libya’

NATO is ready to “help Libya” in setting up security structures if conditions are favorable, Alliance Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told a meeting with UN Special Envoy to Libya Gassan Salama.

Stoltenberg held a meeting with Salama on Monday to discuss the situation in Libya, in which NATO helped deteriorate, expressing the Alliance’s deep concern about the situation in Libya and stressed that it will continue to call on all parties to cease hostilities and join to the political process. He made it clear that there is no military solution to the situation in Libya, reported the NATO press office.

In addition, NATO is supposedly ready to help Libya build effective security institutions, including a modern Ministry of Defense and effective security services under civilian control of the government, but it will be done at the request of the Libyan government and only if the security conditions are favorable, he said.