Dilma Rousseff impeachment: US companies want Brazilian oil | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Dilma Rousseff impeachment: US companies want Brazilian oil

The speaker of the parliament of Brazil, Eduardo Cunha, initiated impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff. Brazil plays politics like football - recklessly, with little concern about its image on the eve of the Olympic Games. Who profits from this anarchy? Who is plotting against Dilma Rousseff... "We can not allow the interests of certain individuals to shake democracy and stability of our country. We must stay calm and trust in our institutions and democratic state" Dilma Rousseff said in a televised address. What interests of which certain individuals? Brazilian oil is all that matters. The attack on the PT started in 2006, after the discovery of the world's largest oil fields on the shelf. The government stated that the oil fields would be developed in the interests of the nation. This caused discontent in Brazil's northern neighbor - the USA. Washington turned to those, who offered to invite US companies for the development of shelf oil fields, particularly to Aesio Neves - the leader of Brazil's largest opposition party, the Social Democratic Party of Brazil (PSDB)...