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Obama: Bombing Libya Is in US Interest

Launched yesterday, America’s new air war in Libya has been in the planning stages for months, but was still the subject of little to no real debate. Indeed, the first real public comments came today, with President Obama declaring that the new campaign of airstrikes against Libya are in America’s “national security interest.”

Obama says the new operation is authorized currently as a “30-day mission,” though there is no reason to expect that this is meant to serve as a timetable for it. The last US attack on Libya back in 2011, extended well beyond its initial schedule, and the White House openly rejected the need for Congressional authorization.

Indeed, officials say this new campaign in Libya “has no end point at this particular moment,” meaning the 30-day date was a PR decision, part of the latest effort by the administration to advance the false idea that this is a brief, limited operation, figuring that by the time people start asking how long this new war is going to last, they’ll be out of office at any rate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A short memo to President Obama; "national security interest", MY ASTROLABE!!

This is about the companies who contributed to your campaign controlling Libya's oil, and guaranteeing that Libyan oil is only sold in the US petrodollar.

Also, as reported yesterday at www.thecanary.com:

While news of US military escalation made headlines around the world on 1 August, the presence of western special forces on the ground in Libya went under reported. According to Reuters: Small teams of Western countries’ special forces have been on the ground in eastern and western Libya for months.