Scott Adams: Barr, Biden, Bullsh*t, Nuclear Power, Jobs | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: Barr, Biden, Bullsh*t, Nuclear Power, Jobs

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Challenging true believers in the “fine people” HOAX
Read the transcript of President’s words out loud
Triggers cognitive dissonance, they won’t be able to read it
Summaries are NEVER as detailed as the underlying data
Summaries NEVER capture the nuances of the details
Can the President be indicted for doing his job?
Physicist Murray Gell-Mann’s observation
On topics where he’s an expert…
…he noticed the media doesn’t understand the topic
Monroe Doctrine and Venezuela
Tucker Carlson poses a fascinating question
Has intervention by the US ever worked out well?
“Government in a Box” concept
Target country must request the setup
Country creation teams set up a functioning government
Safe exit strategy for country leaders for sake of progress
Joe Biden asked if he has a campaign slogan
Nope, he says he doesn’t have one
On the fly he said…”Make America Moral Again”
…the acronym is MAMA, nice one Joe!
“Sleepy Joe” label controls Biden’s actions
To counter, he’s forced to present himself as high energy
Mis-speaking is a natural consequence of that forcing
The “HOAX Funnel” process
Muslim Brotherhood being considered for terrorist designation
Pushback is that they aren’t ALL terrorists or sympathizers
Shouldn’t those that aren’t…condemn those that are?
Press has been telling TWO LIES persistently
“Fine People” HOAX
“Russian Collusion” HOAX
The most dangerous political lies in our countries history?
What’s the intent of President Trump’s supposed “lying”?
What OUTCOME is President Trump attempting to achieve?
“Salesperson Lies” for a clear and positive purpose for U.S.
Economy lies…literally make the economy better
ISIS lies…hyperbole about how defeated they are?
ISIS can’t recruit if people believe it wouldn’t end well
Older nuclear technology dangers
US has mostly Gen 1, France has mostly Gen 3 designs
Gen 3 now has long history and no issues with it to date
Does the potential of Gen 4 exceed Gen 3?
What ARE the upper limits of wind and solar’s potential?