Something Stinks in Syria’s Oil Fields | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Something Stinks in Syria’s Oil Fields

When the US “withdrew” from Syria, Donald Trump announced that he had secured Syria’s oil from ISIS and was protecting it.
Further announcements indicated the US was leaving 500 troops there and would be moving in heavy armor, this being done well outside the purview of agreements with Russia and certainly in violation of Syria’s sovereignty.

Behind it all, we have the very long history of oil theft in the region but first we are going to touch on recent statements made by President Assad who asserted that Turkey, under Erdogan, had stolen billions in Syrian assets, entire factories, oil, wheat, antiquities, and more.

I had gone over existing lists with Dr. Najm, then Minister of Justice, now a law professor in Damascus and columnist for Veterans Today.
We had discovered a network of fake NGO’s in Turkey and Lebanon, some run by the US, some by Britain, that moved freely in and out of Damascus under protection, and then into wider areas, and across lines into al Qaeda and ISIS territory.

From there, they gathered information on assets and arranged for their transit to Europe, Israel and the US for auction, for art and antiquities, or for the enrichment of the politically powerful.