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Trump Dossier 2018: Double Agent

In light of Trump's continuing betrayal of US patriots who voted for him, stuck with through thick and thing during the contested election, the Russian collusion lie ... we now have a growing list of Trump double-crosses: the retirement of dozens of Republicans in the Senate, Congress; the CIA infiltration in the electorate; Jerusalem to be capital of Israel; US troops in Syria, WWIII against Russia; Pompeo to the State Department, Bolton to the NSC; 2nd Amendment rights eviscerated in the new budget (#omnibus2018); I now think that he was a ringer all along, the Russian collusion story just a distraction from a darker agenda for honest US citizens and Christians.


Had Hillary won...


Had Hillary won, it would of been the same situation, perhaps with several different faces connecting the dots, but the result nonetheless, the same.

The American people no longer get to choose a true leader.

What they get instead is a coin, with Federal elections merely a flip.

The few that own the coin don't really care which side lands up.