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The War Being Hidden From You: Yemeni Tragedy in Three Photos

Fast forward to the present when tragedy struck. That’s the middle photo. On August 9th, the monstrous, blood-drenched House of Saud bombed a school bus full of children in Dahyan as it passed through a market back to summer camp where Yemeni youths were learning and memorizing the Holy Qur’an. At least 51 children–most of them under 10–were slaughtered and more than 79 others were wounded in the massacre carried out by the Saudi “royals” with US-ZOG-provided armaments.

As he had done so many times before, Mr. Tayyeb rushed to the scene minutes after the American-Saudi crime to help recover the bodies of martyrs and assist with the injured in hopes of preventing anymore deaths. The carnage was mind-boggling. Little children beheaded, dismembered and lifeless everywhere. Bloody coloring books and backpacks scattered across the streets. Mr. Tayyeb combed through the wreckage looking for survivors and instead… Found his son. Dying inside but persevering nevertheless, he solemnly carried the child’s broken and battered frame to safety.

Then he found his other son. Then his brother, who had been chaperoning the picnic the children departed from before the Wahhabi tyrants took their lives. That he had the strength not to shatter after finding his slaughtered kin and then also continue to help other devastated parents… is proof positive that chivalry is far from dead. Indeed, chivalry’s very essence is Yemeni.

Now for the snapshot on the right–Eid al-Adha 2018. Only a father and his youngest son remain. A family in pieces. A family destroyed. Zayd, a hero in every sense of the word, boomed that the curses of ALLAH (SWT) are upon the oppressors, criminals and murderers of the cowardly Saudi-UAE coalition and he also said that the covenant made by Ansarullah to avenge all the oppressed and disenfranchised of Yemen was one that could not ever be broken.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the kind of US-enabled, Saudi genocide which has become Yemen's "new normal."

And as a Christian Pacifist Activist, I am very ashamed of my country for doing this.

I wish Mike and I had the money, and the youth, to immigrate to a country which doesn't engage in war crimes; unfortunately, we are both too old, and too broke, to even be considered.

But it is going to take more than shame, and frustration, to change the equation here.

This is why I am asking every Rivero's Ranger out there, to peacefully, logically, and non-threateningly, call the offices of their alleged Congressional Representatives, and ask them for this carnage to end; and that continued Congressional support for this Yemeni genocide will be an election year breaker for them, particularly those up for re-election this November.