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We are witnessing a tsunami of Arab crises

A friend of mine asked me if I think that what is happening in Libya, Algeria and Sudan is a pure coincidence. No, I don’t.

While there is evidence that is almost irrefutable that a conspiracy has been hatched against the Arab world, I do not like to take the easy approach — conspiracy theories — in analysing the situation, which many researchers and writers rely on. I believe that it is important to take any matter being studied back to its basics in order to understand them before examining the results and consequences.

As such, the events in the three countries mentioned, and what happened in other Arab countries in the past, can be traced back to what we might call Arab weakness; it is like a disease searching for the weakest areas to infect the body. The same can be said for the Arab world generally, as it is easy to infiltrate it through its weakest points; in my opinion, these reflect the fragility of some regimes and the struggle for power therein.