Why Russia Is Dumping Dollars And Buying Gold At The Fastest Pace In Decades | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Why Russia Is Dumping Dollars And Buying Gold At The Fastest Pace In Decades

(*Sometimes , I find myself suggesting to others that if JFK , hadn't been whacked by H.W.B.s CIA , and we hadn't strayed from The Kennedy Doctrine in all the years since , the whole world , Russia and China , too , would have probably gravitated towards us much more effortlessly , in comparison to Trump trying to force The Netanyahu Doctrine down the throat of the world .
But JFK was a communist , nazi , socialist liberal ___ __ _ _____ , partner in the coup against Nixon , and had to be dealt vith , for the sake of the capitalist gains of our corporate 1% who regale us , every once in a while , with a little trickle down , when they want us to vote their way .)


The Coup Against Nixon


Why did eisenhower dislike Nixon?
Eisenhower never fully trusted him again and that strained their relationship. Besides the two men could not have been more different. Eisenhower was charming whereas Nixon was not.>>>

Richard Nixon on Immigration
President of the U.S., 1968-1974

To improve our immigration laws and to enlarge upon our national tradition as an open nation and an open society, legislation is being resubmitted which would, among other reforms, provide:
A higher percentage of immigrant visas for professionals, needed workers and refugees.
Additional visas for the Western hemisphere, with special provisions for our nearest neighbors, Mexico and Canada.
Further, to encourage travel and tourism in the United States, the requirement for a visa would be waived for all business and pleasure visits of ninety days or less by nationals of countries designated by the Secretary of State.

(*is another fact that if as alleged is true !)