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January 29, 2020

Jan 29 08:01

‘Westworld’ Star Evan Rachel Wood Slammed For Hailing Kobe Bryant A ‘Rapist’ And A ‘Hero’

In the wake of Kobe Bryant’s tragic death in a helicopter crash, reactions from the media have run the gamut — with his status as a sports icon existing alongside the fact he was accused of raping a woman back in 2003.

Jan 29 08:00

University of Missouri implements mandatory student tracking, claims it is for attendance purposes

The University of Missouri is raising serious privacy concerns over a new policy that mandates students install tracking software on their cellphones.

Jan 29 07:18


Under the Trump administration U.S. air attacks in Afghanistan have sharply increased. But it now seems that the Taliban have acquired some means to counter them.

Last year the U.S. dropped a record number of bombs on Afghanistan leading to ever increasing casualties among civilians:

According to the Combined Forces Air Component Commander (CFACC) 2013-2019 Airpower Statistics released in late January, 7,423 missions flown in Afghanistan in 2019 resulted in weapons being released. There were more weapon releases in most months of the year than in any corresponding months since records were first released in 2009, with September recording the most for the year at 948.
The previous annual record was 7,362 set in 2018, and the last two years together have seen more weapon releases over Afghanistan than the combined number for 2012 through to 2017.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please understand; the Afghanis do not "hate us for our freedoms"; they hate us because our military is taking out their wives; their kids; their aunties; and the medically fragile elderly, who cannot run, when they can hear the start of a bombing campaign.

Afghanistan is not called "the Graveyard of Empires" for no good reason; The British found that out; so did the old Soviet Union; and after 19 years of epic failure, the US government should also consider these lessons from history, and withdraw.

Alexander the Great of Macedonia, was the last guy to control Afghanistan from the outside, through a series of alliances and dynastic marriages; but that was only for a relatively short period of time.

These perpetual wars are destroying this country, and ripping resources right out from under the American people; this is not only bad foreign policy, but highly immoral as well.

Jan 29 06:56

U.N. World Health Organization declares China's coronavirus is a HIGH risk now to other countries admitting it rated it "moderate" by MISTAKE last week

Jan 29 06:56

FICO scores by generation

Jan 29 06:49

Sanders Camp Livid: ‘If The DNC Believes It’s Going To Get Away In 2020 With What It Did In 2016, It Has Another Thing Coming’

Nina Turner, the national co-chairwoman of the Bernie Sanders campaign, is absolutely furious over the appointment of Hillary Clinton lackeys John Podesta and former Rep. Barney Frank to the rules committee that will oversee the party platform at their nominating convention.

Jan 29 06:46

Military judge tells 9/11 defense attorney that he can call CIA interrogation tactics torture

A word that could once not be mentioned in court — torture — was front and center on Friday as a military tribunal prepares to take on the long-delayed trial of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the confessed chief plotter of the 9/11 attacks, and four other defendants.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jan 29 06:46

SINKING: Elizabeth Warren Drops To Fourth Place In Iowa, According To New Poll

It’s amazing to think that just a few months ago, people thought she might be the new front-runner.
Things have changed fast. It almost seems like the more people get to know her, the less they like her.

Jan 29 06:46

Trump Rocks Wildwood: Thousands of Cheering Supporters Line Street for Motorcade and Watch Rally Outside of Packed Jersey Shore Arena (Videos)

Thousands of supporters lined the roads of Wildwood, New Jersey Tuesday evening, noisally cheering President Trump as his motorcade drove to the Wildwood Convention Center for a project rally where thousands extra enjoyed on a Jumbotron outside of the ‘sold out’ rally at the 7,500 seat location. Nearly 160,000 ticket demands for the rally were obtained by the project, according to stats launched Tuesday evening by project supervisor BradParscale Wildwood was overloaded for days with Trump supporters.

Jan 29 06:45


credit: Hudson Valley 360

A recent Appeals Court ruling in Tennessee reveals a disturbing window into how police use concerts, music festivals and sporting events to trample our Fourth Amendment rights.

When Brian Wiley purchased tickets to the Bonnaaroo Music Festival in 2016 he never thought that police would be allowed to search his car without probable cause.

Yet that is exactly what happened.

The Bonnaroo Music Festival is a four-day music festival that provides overnight camping to concertgoers with the added bonus of being searched free of charge.

According to Coffee County Sheriff’s investigator James Sherrill, Mr. Wiley should have known that concertgoers and campers would be searched the moment they stepped foot onto the festivals grounds.

The police argued that Mr. Wiley’s music festival ticket gives police permission to search everyone, including their vehicles.

The terms of admission printed on the back of the ticket in fine print are,

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, THAT takes the entire state of Tennessee off my potential visiting list!

And I don't do, or have anything, that would be considered illegal in this state, but folks, really; this is the way state law is meandering very close toward a dictatorship, in complete denial of American citizens' Constitutional Rights!!

Jan 29 06:39


Despite a massive and peaceful turnout on the Lobby Day rally on January 20th, the Virginia State Congress remained totally unfazed by what the people wanted and proceeded to advance numerous unconstitutional gun laws over the following week.

While everyone has been focused on the Wuhan coronavirus, state lawmakers have been quietly eroding gun rights.

Proving they don’t care at all about the opinions of the people of Virginia, the state’s Senate passed a “red flag” gun law only two days later. Here’s the summary of SB240.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To all those Virginians who find such legislation offensive, and flying in the face of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of this country, please find out which Virginia legislators are supporting this legislation, and if they (allegedly) represent you, call their offices in a firm, but polite tone, and let them know if they continue along this path, that they will be voted out of office in the next election cycle with great enthusiasm, never to return to even a position as a public dog-catcher in that state.

Jan 29 06:23

Coronavirus Alert

Jan 29 06:14


An antivirus program used by hundreds of millions of people around the world is selling highly sensitive web browsing data to many of the world's biggest companies, a joint investigation by Motherboard and PCMag has found. Our report relies on leaked user data, contracts, and other company documents that show the sale of this data is both highly sensitive and is in many cases supposed to remain confidential between the company selling the data and the clients purchasing it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Have you ever noticed, that your browsing history comes sideways at you, when you least expect it, through various ads for related products?!?

I certainly have.

I like shopping for clothing on line, and have a couple of favorite sites to go to, when I do; then, suddenly, the webpage I am visiting will be deluged with ads for clothing similar to what I have looked at.

Most likely, Jumpshot is the culprit here.

Jan 29 06:07


According to a new report from the Kansas City Star, the University of Missouri (MU) has started using an app called SpotterEdu to track students to determine attendance in classes.

Individual professors will choose whether or not to use the app. If they choose to use it, students in those classes will be unable to opt-out and therefore forced to install the software on their mobile phones.

The unprecedented Orwellian move requires students to install the app with no option to opt-out of the potential privacy-invasive software. “A student will have to participate in this recording of attendance,” Jim Spain, vice provost for undergraduate studies at MU said in a statement to the Kansas City Star.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Were I even thinking about attending this university, I would have to decline, due to this student surveillance app, and I would let both Jim Spain and Dr. Mun Choi, its President, understand why, in no uncertain terms.

And folks; this is precisely what this app is; a way of "grooming" students to accept more and more surveillance in their lives, as the "new normal".

Jan 29 05:46

Ilhan Omar’s Call for Support Against Trump Admin’s New Immigration Rule Backfires

The controversial Somalia-born lawmaker who represents Minnesota in Congress was apparently outraged over a Supreme Court ruling released Monday that, according to The Associated Press, allows a Trump administration policy to into effect requiring new immigrants to show they won’t be a burden on U.S. taxpayers if they are allowed residency in the country.

Jan 29 05:45

Dershowitz Launches Crushing Defense Against Dems in Impeachment Trial: 'The Wrong Criteria'

Day 2 of President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense Monday brought famed attorney Alan Deshowitz to explain the kind of assault on the Constitution that characterizes the Democratic impeachment attempt on the grounds of “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress.”

Jan 29 05:33

GOP Turns Viral CNN Clip Trashing Trump Supporters Into Powerful Ad: ‘They Think You’re a Joke’

The Republican Party has turned the viral clip of CNN’s Don Lemon and his guests trashing supporters of President Donald Trump into a new ad.

Jan 29 05:33

BREAKING: Top GOP Senators Request Bill Barr Declassify Four Footnotes in Horowitz’s FISA Report, ‘Contradicts Public Information in IG Report’

Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee Ron Johnson and Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee Chuck Grassley Tuesday sent a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr asking him to declassify four footnotes in Horowitz’s report on FISA abuse.

Jan 29 04:24

DISGUSTING! CNN Panel Led By Don Lemon Trashes Trump Supporters As Ignorant Rednecks Who Can’t Read (VIDEO)

CNN hit a new low this weekend mocking and laughing out loud at uneducated, redneck Trump supporters who can’t even read.
This is what they think of Middle America — the 63 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump for president.

Jan 29 02:50

The so-called "Spanish" flu

The first known victim was an American soldier who also happened to be responsible for food preparation at his army training camp and may have unintentionally spread the sickness Typhoid-Mary style....

Camp Funston was situated within Fort Riley, Kansas, a military training facility housing 26,000 or so doughboys-to-be.

(Article is from November 2005)

January 28, 2020

Jan 28 22:45

The Nasty Secret Behind Aramco, ISIS and Trump in Syria

Makes sense now. Syria has more oil and natural gas than you can shake a stick at. New discoveries. New fields.

The Saudi Arabian oil company, Aramco, is now hiring oil workers throughout Deir Ezzor Province inside Syria as part of a joint effort, nominally with an unknown American entity and with full partnership with both ISIS and the United States Army.

Thousands of unemployed Syrian engineers and oil workers are being asked to apply for jobs paying $3000 per month.

No one knows who they will be working for.This is the story we will be examining, how it began and where it is going now.

In 2017, soon after Trump took office, Aramco, the Saudi owned oil conglomerate, opened offices in Deir Ezzor province in Syria.

Under the protection of both ISIS and the United States Army, Aramco began an exploration of 12 new oil and gas deposits recognized by American SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) military satellites, retasked for this purpose.

Jan 28 22:12

The Establishment Doesn’t Fear Trump, And It Doesn’t Fear Bernie. It Fears You.

I very seldom use the term deep state anymore, because its meaning in mainstream discourse has been completely corrupted. Now when I want to point to America’s permanent unelected power structures I usually use the word “oligarchy” or “empire”, or simply “establishment”.

Whenever I point out that the current administration has been advancing many longstanding agendas of the CIA and neoconservative war pigs–agendas like military expansionism, imprisoning Assange, regime change interventionism in Iran and Venezuela, and reigniting the Cold War–his supporters always come in saying “If he’s working for the establishment how come the establishment is working so hard to get rid of him, huh?”

Well, for starters, they’re not........

Jan 28 21:43

A decent chance THE TOP is in

Jan 28 21:28

More U.S. service members diagnosed with brain injury from Iran missile attack

Jan. 28, 2020, 7:11 PM PST
By Mosheh Gains and Phil Helsel

A total of 50 U.S. service members suffered traumatic brain injury from this month’s Iranian missile attack on Iraqi bases hosting American troops, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

Jan 28 21:08

Syria Warns UN of Impending Fabricated Chemical Attack

On Monday 27 January, Syria’s Foreign and Expatriates Ministry dispatched a diplomatic letter to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres and to the head of the Security Council, reporting that another fabricated chemical attack is planned in the Idlib-Aleppo area, under the direction of Turkey.

Jan 28 18:48

It will never be enough: Guess how much taxpayer money is needed to solve King County’s homeless crisis

Jan 28 17:45

Hero Jim Jordan Destroys Serial Liar Adam Schiff in Hearing with DOJ IG Horowitz (VIDEO)

The House Democrats still have not scheduled a hearing for DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz to testify about his report on the FBI’s FISA abuse, however, Horowitz testified Tuesday to the House Oversight Committee on an unrelated matter so hero Rep. Jim Jordan took the opportunity to grill him about Schiff’s memo on the bogus spy warrants.

Jan 28 17:40

“The Beginning of the End for FOX” – PRESIDENT TRUMP Blasts FOX News and Their Horrendous Impeachment Coverage

On Monday the Fox News Channel bailed on covering the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump. Instead FOX offered viewers an interview with former Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) on The Story with Martha MacCallum.

Jan 28 17:40

“You Did a Good Job on Her!” – President Trump Praises Mike Pompeo After His Shouting Match with NPR Hack (VIDEO)

When the interview was over Pompeo took Kelly to a side room and, reportedly, shouted at her in an expletive-laced exchange. Pompeo said Kelly could not even point to Ukraine on a map.

Jan 28 17:36

WHOA! Democrat Senator Feinstein Suggests She Leans Toward Acquittal As President’s Lawyers Wrap Up Opening Arguments …

Following the Trump attorneys’ closing statements on Tuesday Senator Feinstein told reporters she was leaning toward President Trump’s acquittal.

Jan 28 17:31

Old Joe Snaps! Biden Grabs Jacket Of Former Longtime Dem State Rep. In Iowa, Tells Him To “Go Vote For Someone Else” (VIDEO)

2020 Democrat front runner Joe Biden went crazy on an Iowa voter on Tuesday and told him to “go vote for someone else.”
It turns out the Iowa mam is Ed Fallon, a former longtime Democrat state rep. in Iowa.

Jan 28 17:31

“You Should Get Your Facts Straight!” – Rep. Elise Stefanik TEARS INTO Liberal Hack Reporter On Corruption In Ukraine (VIDEO)

Democrats and their hack supporters in the media are now trying to push that corruption was not widespread in Ukraine.
They will lie about anything.

Jan 28 15:17

Angry Trump Now Helpless to Stop Huawei’s Stunning Victory: This Week Everything Changes

The diplomatic spat between Washington and London continues to spiral us into unknown territory this weekend, with the news that even President Trump’s personal plea to Prime Minister Johnson on Friday evening has not pulled the U.K. back from the brink of its decision to allow Chinese tech giant Huawei into its 5G network.

Jan 28 14:54

Harvard Biologist Charles Lieber Taken Into Custody For Lying About His Connections To Wuhan?

Jan 28 12:25

Too Much Greed — Moving To The Sidelines

Jan 28 12:21

Coronavirus: Japan and Germany confirm patients who caught disease did not visit China

Two people from Japan and Germany who had contracted coronavirus had not visited the area in China where the deadly viral outbreak originated, authorities have confirmed.

One of the patients was a Japanese tour bus driver in his 60s in the city of Nara who had driven two groups of Chinese tourists who had come from Wuhan earlier this month.?

He was diagnosed with pneumonia on Saturday and has now been hospitalised.

Jan 28 11:18

Trump’s long-awaited Middle East peace plan calls for Palestinian state, settlement freeze

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. officials say President Donald Trump’s much anticipated Middle East peace plan calls for the creation of a State of Palestine with its capital in portions of east Jerusalem, ending speculation as to whether his administration, in preparing a proposal without input from Palestinian leaders, would abandon a “two-state resolution” to the conflict.

Jan 28 10:37

US military source says there were NO CIA staff on Afghanistan crash jet after Iranian media claimed officer 'behind Soleimani's death' was among those killed

A US military source today said there were no CIA staff on a jet which crashed in Afghanistan on Monday after Iranian media claimed the officer behind Qassem Soleimani's death was among those killed.

The source told the MailOnline the wild claim that Michael D'Andrea was aboard the jet which crashed in Dih Yak, or indeed that any CIA members had been killed, was absurd.

A US official earlier confirmed the bodies of two American personnel had been recovered from the crash site while denying Taliban claims the E-11A communications jet containing 'high ranking officers' had been shot down.

Jan 28 10:34

Female Chief Of Institution For Management Wants New Rules: Men Should Shut Up About Sports

A woman who is the head of a venerable institution for management in Great Britain has a new parameter she would like to see implemented in offices: reduce the time men talk about sports.

Jan 28 10:34

Dark And Dirty FBI Agent Joe Pientka Is Under Protective Order – Is He Talking Or Being Protected From Talking?

We reported how dirty cop Joe Pientka who is reportedly still at the FBI, and his wife, who we have uncovered is connected to the Trump Tower meeting set up by Fusion GPS, are living high on the hog with houses on both the East and West Coasts.

Jan 28 10:33

China now second largest arms producer behind US

Jan 28 10:32

How screwed up the pension system is

Jan 28 10:31

Stephen King Goes Ultra-Woke After SJWs Scold Him For Anti-Diversity Comments: Oscars ‘Rigged In Favor Of The White Folks’

Weeks after leftists subjected him to a public flogging for daring to say that “quality” should always trump diversity in art, author Stephen King is now pitching incense to the woke gods as a way to seemingly ingratiate himself to them.

Jan 28 10:31

Mexico ‘Acting As Trump’s Border Wall’ Critics Say As Nation Cracks Down On Migrant Caravans

Mexico is taking its own illegal immigration problem — caravans of thousands of migrants from Guatemala, El Salvador, and elsewhere — seriously, cracking down on border-crossers at its own southern border, and now critics are convinced that President Donald Trump, unable to get a physical border wall built, has convinced Mexico’s president to be come his de facto “border wall.”

Jan 28 10:30

Rabbis call for removal of church at Auschwitz

OSWIECIM, Poland (Reuters) - Four U.S. rabbis led by New York’s Avi Weiss gathered on Sunday in front of a church next to the Nazi German death camp at Birkenau in Poland arguing for its removal from a site where more than a million Jews were murdered.

Jan 28 10:26

Despite Tens of Billions of Euros in Spending, German Troops Have to Train With Pretend Puma Panzers

The Trump administration has pressured Germany to significantly increase defence spending in recent years, with the country committing over €45 billion (about $50 billion) in spending for 2020. The country is already in the top ten in the world in terms of total military spending, with NATO alliance spending topping $1 trillion.

Jan 28 10:23

U.S. Air Force E-11A Communications Aircraft Crashes in Taliban Territory

On January 27th a U.S. Air Force E-11A Battlefield Airborne Communications Node aircraft from the service’s 430th Expeditionary Electronic Combat Squadron crashed in Afghanistan’s Dih Yak District in Ghazni Province - a major Taliban stronghold. The incident took place less than a week after an allied Mi-8 helicopter was downed by Taliban forces.

Jan 28 10:23

The Media Wants You To Panic Over The Coronavirus. Don’t Fall For It. Here Are The Real Facts.

It is rather a surprise to learn that we are all going to die from a viral pandemic, considering that we have all already died from swine flu, bird flu, SARS, and that one time when four people had Ebola. Nonetheless, if media reports are to be believed, we are on the verge of yet another planet-wide outbreak. This time, the imaginary global destruction will happen courtesy of the coronavirus.

Jan 28 10:23

READ: Mark Levin Issues Twitter Barrage Stomping On NY Times, Bolton, And GOP Senators Thinking Of Joining Dems To Call More Witnesses

On Monday, radio and TV host Mark Levin issued a barrage of tweets regarding The New York Times article with excerpts from former national security advisor John Bolton’s new book, excerpts which prompted much hand-wringing among some GOP senators about calling new witnesses in the Senate impeachment trail targeting President Trump.

Jan 28 10:00

Turkish Gov't Will Debate Law Allowing Child Rapists To Go Free If They Marry Their Victims

In his seminal 1996 book “Clash of Civilizations,” political scientist Samuel Huntington argued for the existence of so-called cleft civilizations — countries torn between two modes of being.

Jan 28 09:57

Good Samaritan saves women after man chases them outside bar. But when man rams his truck, good Samaritan has enough — and fires his gun.

A mother and daughter — Ashley and Emily Gallagher — were on vacation in Cape Coral, Florida, when things got weird at Rusty's Bar on Thursday night, WINK-TV reported.

Jan 28 09:57

Hearts and minds are changing about abortion in America

At the 47th annual March for Life on Friday, more than 100,000 marchers took to the streets in Washington, D.C., to show their support for the pro-life cause.

Jan 28 09:56

Texas construction company agrees to pay millions in fines while owners face jail time for hiring illegal immigrants

A Texas-based construction company will pay a high price over efforts to hire illegal aliens and then cover up its illegal workforce, and its owners may end up doing hard time.