Think ‘We the People’ are close to winning? A conversation 100 years ago might also conclude the US couldn’t possibly get more corrupt without public awakening… | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Think ‘We the People’ are close to winning? A conversation 100 years ago might also conclude the US couldn’t possibly get more corrupt without public awakening…

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“Look, if you think any American official is going to tell you the truth, then you’re stupid. Did you hear that? – Stupid.” ~ Arthur Sylvester, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, 1965, at a Vietnam press meeting as reported by William M. Hammond Reporting Vietnam: Media and Military at War, 1998.

“The bankers will favor a course of special legislation to increase their power…They will never cease to ask for more, …so long as there is more that can be wrung from the toiling masses of the American People…The struggle with this money power has been going on from the beginning of the history of this country.”
~ Peter Cooper, letter to President Hayes, June 1, 1877.

“Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana, The Life of Reason, Vol. 1.

March 11, 1919, late afternoon at an American bar in any city you care to imagine. Two middle-age men, Cornelius and Barnaby, are at a booth drinking beer and discussing current events with slang of their era, and adult language still in use today.

Cornelius: (shaking his head) Blazes, Barnaby, I can’t imagine our situation any worse without public awakening.

Barnaby: (chuckles) Balderdash, Cornelius. Surely you allow things can always get worse. But please, do tell.

Cornelius: A fucking world-wide war since ’14 and you think it can get worse!? And what is the President doing now but planning for the winners to steal and divide the losers’ colonies? The American public was told the greatest lies imaginable to invade Europe: “Make the world safe for democracy” and “A war to end all wars!” Hornswoggling humbug!

Barnaby: Yes. Maybe 20 million dead. (shaking his head) And to tell us “transfer of dictatorial colonial control to the winners” is the very same as “safe for democracy” after the Europeans fulfilled their “White Man’s Burden” to steal from each other after stealing all the world they could! And crushing Germany so it has no future capacity for war is the same as “a war to end all wars.” And who knows what our .01% Big Bugs plan next? Second and third world wars?

Cornelius: Surely the people will awaken before then, Barnaby, after the honey-fuggling to sell this war:
the Lusitania was running guns in ‘15 to kill Germans, ask anyone at the docks.
The Zimmermann Telegram was only in effect if, and only if, the US declared war on Germany. If the President didn’t want a war, then all the fuck he needed to avoid one was to not declare one! And I wouldn’t be surprised if the British were tapping our telegraph lines to get that message, as well as all coming and going to Washington, D.C.
And the propaganda! “War to end all wars” and “make the world safe for democracy” will damn those highfalutin millionaires from ever selling another war!
They jailed the third party candidate for President in ’18 for questioning the wisdom of the war. 10 years in prison, Barnaby, for freedom of speech!
Barnaby: So you say, dear Cornelius, cheers to our fellow man (raising his glass) to finally recognize the truth? You stand with Thoreau “At first blush, a man is not capable of reporting truth; he must be drenched and saturated with it first.”

Cornelius: Damn right, sir! (pauses, sighs) You must excuse my passion, dear Barnaby. But yes, those scalawags’ frolicking are over.

Barnaby: I’m not so optimistic. We sent our boys to Cuba and halfway around the world to the Philippines in ’98. Hearst’s propaganda both set the stage and ignited the war with plain bull: inventing and printing fictions the Maine was attacked by Spain, including blueprints of their “secret weapon!”

And according to the Filipino President, they were promised independence up to the power of the US President. When the shooting was over, we told ‘em they were ours now, and we set up a naval base. Our boys had to kill about a million Filipinos to keep that new US colony; that’s more than our War Between the States from ’61 to ‘65. Hell, Cornelius, with even Mark Twain speaking against US empire its been 20 years and we’re still occupying that foreign land. I doubt even the most decorated military general in history could wake Americans up.

Cornelius: (finishing his beer, he signals for two more) Dad blame it, you might be right. The President sold the same bull to steal half of Mexico in ’48. Even Abe Lincoln standing up in Congress when he was a Representative to explain taking Texas as a territory or state clearly violated our treaty with Mexico that land would always belong to them and never us all got whitewashed.

Barnaby: (in empathy) We’ve all gotten sour about Washington D.C. They demonized the Indians to violate those treaties, then demonized Mexicans. And because that navy base was so important to empire, we also stole Hawaii in ’93 then annexed them in ’98.

(a waiter arrives with two schooners of beer. Cornelius holds his hand to Barnaby to indicate he’s got the bill of two nickels.)

Cornelius: They’ll be making liquor illegal, soon, I fear. (putting the change he didn’t use back in his pocket) But let us change the subject to money.

Barnaby: Ok. Remember Peter Cooper running for President in ’80 and running on the platform with Greenbacks? If one of America’s greatest inventors couldn’t make the idea of Greenbacks stick, nobody can. Even if Thomas Edison and Henry Ford pitched the idea today, it wouldn’t stick.

Cornelius: Hell, add Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin to that list. William Jennings Bryan ran on monetary policy to free Americans from the bankers three times; in ’96, ’00, and ’08. Charles Lindbergh got run out of Congress for attacking the Federal Reserve and the bankers in his speeches and book. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz tells the story (and here) of free silver with Dorothy’s silver slippers being the portal for all of us to return home. And I hear-tell that Congressman McFadden, new Chair of the House Banking Committee, and New York City Mayor Hylan have the balls to speak-up.

But will anything come of all this, or will it just get worse, Barnaby?

Barnaby: I believe it can get worse. With the bankers having the Fed since '13 to legally create what we use for money whenever they wish, imagine them doing this: inflating the stock market, selling at top dollar, crashing the stocks, then buying them up again at pennies on the dollar.

Cornelius: No! They’ll get caught!

Barnaby: (smirks) Not if they do it right.

Cornelius: I want to know. Pray tell, sir.

Barnaby: (takes a drink, settling into this topic) Two years ago in ’17 Congressman Callaway of Texas called for inquiry that J.P. Morgan purchased the editorial boards of the 25 largest American papers to sell the Federal Reserve and US entry into the War. He didn’t have the votes. What we know for sure is that the media have been in love with war and the Fed ever since.

Cornelius: Meanery and shecoonery! Worthless shucks boat-licking for this ass-backwards looting of the American people! But to our topic, sir: how do you suppose the bankers can rig the stocks?

Barnaby: Easy. Use the Fed to ease credit, and use the media to encourage people to buy stocks. Print plenty of stories how ordinary people get rich. Sell them call-loans to gamble on stocks. Then, maybe in a decade when they have as many fish in that barrel as they can, all the bankers demand margin calls all at once. This will force the suckers who bought stocks with just 10% down to sell everything. Prices will absolutely crash. The bankers, who already sold everything “on a hunch,” swoop in again and buy whatever they want with ten times the buying power or more.

All the little fish who jumped in that barrel will be shot.

Of course, once the crime is done, they’ll use the media to blame the victims for causing the crash. This, all while rigging markets to steal let’s say $1 from every $5 spent (see section: US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations Report).

Cornelius: Ratbags! I can see Hearst writing crap now how “prudent bankers” warned of “overheated markets” but the “greed-driven public” wouldn’t listen!

Barnaby: But that’s just my two cents worth. You try imagining the future our “Emperors” want for us.

Cornelius: (deep drink, burp) Ok, I will. They use media and low-interest loans to sucker people into the most expensive thing they’ll ever buy: a house. Wall Street Scheisters and bankers find ways to sell those loans to the public, too. They gamble in the stock market as the scam gains steam, making money on the way up, then when they figure it’s hit top-dollar, well, then they sell and short-sell the stocks, cause a financial panic somehow like you describe, cause massive unemployment like off-shoring work done by Americans to drive down wages to the lowest global minimum, foreclose on the homes with maybe on average 75% profit of the home cost, also having sold the shitty loans to the public who discover their promised “AAA” rating…

(two gentlemen have stopped to listen, Grover and Rutherford, fascinated by the story)

Rutherford: (bursts out laughing, and literally slaps his knee) That’s rich! Fascinating, sir, truly so! The exaggerations just grow, but the Yellow Journalism of calling some shit they sell as “AAA”! What do they do, the more shit they add, the more AAAAAAAs they add to the rating? (breaks out laughing again, with his friend joining his laughter)

Grover: (regaining some composure) So, how much money do you think they could inflate home prices to, sir? Say, for a 1,500 square footer with a view of San Francisco Bay? Would it be…(losing it to laughter) a million dollars?

(more gentlemen join in the laughter, stand, and walk over to form a small crowd)

Cornelius: Or two million? Or more?

Grover: And I bet the one million dollars will only get you a house where you have travel an hour to San Francisco each day to work! (crowd shouts, “two hours!” “three!”) And the house won’t have a view except for the houses all around yours with a yard no bigger than a horse stable!

(crowd roars with more laughter. They look to Cornelius asking for more)

Cornelius: Ok, then this: the banks who profited claim public greed and “irrational exuberance” in the market has caused the biggest banks to risk failure! Because the media will scare the shit out of the public, politicians will say the Fed can create money to give to the biggest banks they’ll claim are “too big to fail.” They’ll get millions, no billions, no, …. what the fuck comes after billions?

Man 1: Then the biggest banks buy their competitors to get even bigger!

(crowd roars, two men literally fall into each other and down from so much laughter)

Man 2: And Hearst buys up all the media to just six giants, who all tell us their “leadership” worked to save the greatest nation on God’s earth!

Crowd: More! More!

Man 1: I’ll try, gents! The $25 billion national debt of today, oh and that's ten times what it was before the War, will explode to $25 trillion! And “experts” will tell us the debt is good for us! (crowd roars) Everyone will have more and more debt, every person, household, city, state, why by God it’ll grow so big it’ll accelerate like a rock dropping off a cliff! And “experts” will show charts and math equations that’s good, too! (crowd in total laughter)

Man 2: And then when people have so much debt they can’t be sold any more, the Robber Barons crash the markets and cause unemployment again to foreclose more homes! (one roaring man in the crowd, “No, no, you gotta stop! This is too funny!”) Hearst blames the victims for taking-on too much debt because other “experts” always said so! They always have experts playing both sides, so the people always trust Hearst to tell the truth!

(crowd roaring like mighty waves throughout the “absurd exaggeration” contest among the men)

Man 3: Operation Iraqi Liberation to bring the same “freedom” as the Philippines! Operation “O.I.L.” get it? Get it?

Man 4: Beer for $.50!

Man 5: Or $5.00!

Crowd: More beer! More beer! (waiters bustling)

Man 3: And all this debt growing and growing with acceleration, you’d have to call it the opposite of what it is as “debt policy.” Maybe “monetary policy,” and you’d have a whole government department to call things its opposite, like a, er, uh,… or well…

Man 6: Department of Truth!

Man 3: They’ll make gold illegal to own, and we’ll have to trade it all in for Federal Reserve paper or go to prison 10 years and pay 50 times a worker’s pay in a year! They’ll say it’s for… for… hell, they’ll just say “experts” say so!

Man 1: They’d lie us into another war in Europe!

Man 7: And Asia, and at the same time!

Man 8: Forever wars like the Philippines and O.I.L. with Hearst sayin’ “if we don’t fight ‘em over there, we’ll have to fight ‘em over here in the US!”

Man 6: And even if we make wars illegal, the Big Bugs will do ‘em anyway! And if nobody wants a war with us, the Big Bugs will false flag a start with Hearst sayin’ the country we want to colonize attacked us, like Mexico in ’48!

Man 1: And in the next world war, more than twice the ordinary men, no three times, are fear-mongered to kill each other!

Man 2: And the second world war starts in just 20 years, gents! Just in time for our own sons to be drafted!

Man 4: And after the second world war, they plan a third! They’ll have “Einstein bombs” that turn whole cities to cinders! And the Presidents and military openly say they’ll use them!

Man 9: (obvious war veteran missing an eye and arm on one side) And instead of looking like me after that war, they’ll be nothing to look at!

(a last roar, then the crowd gradually calms as nobody has additional contributions)

Rutherford: (wiping tears from his eyes) Well, that’s as bad as we can imagine! Thank God nothing close to that can ever happen here! Imagine the ass-lickers instead of Americans who would accept such a life!

(moderately drunk crowd of men hug each other in laughter at the story they all told, and disperse. Rutherford and Grover stay.)

Rutherford: (to Cornelius and Barnaby) Gentlemen! May I present Grover, and I am Rutherford. May we purchase your entertaining expertise of further conversation for the price of schooners?

Cornelius: Of course, dear sir! We thank you both, and are delighted to have your company! (Grover immediately signals the waiter to bring four more beers. ) I am Cornelius, and this is Barnaby. (all stand and shake hands)

Grover: Thank you, gentlemen. We best speak while we can. Mark my words: taverns and bars will be made illegal to prevent men having conversations to reveal American Empire. Our masters will make women afraid of men in taverns, but not afraid of the masters’ wars.

Barnaby and Cornelius: Agreed.

Cornelius: Barnaby believes they’ll try to take our guns soon, too.

Rutherford: We’ve seen so much lately, I wouldn’t doubt they’ll do all in their power to sell this “for our own protection.” So, gentlemen, how much toward tyranny does our great nation descend before the public see the parade right in front of them?

(Cornelius and Barnaby’s eyebrows rise; they lean into the conversation)

Barnaby: Just the topic we were discussing, sirs. I am of the personal opinion our Robber Barons will develop financial looting to a fine art. I fancy political economy, and as a young man became friends with Peter Cooper for the last three years of his life, and helped in his campaign for President in ’80. Peter learned all about money creation from Albert Gallatin, Secretary of the Treasury under Jefferson. The topic of who has legal authority to create what we use for money had been the single most debated policy in our nation except slavery! But that’s no more, as all “official conversation” “among experts” now champion the Federal Reserve, that private cartel with zero reserves and as “federal” as much as Falstaff beer has anything to do with Shakespeare’s Falstaff!

Grover: Precisely, sir. If I had to bet on the future of “million dollar houses” where wives are forced into full-time labor to help pay for, and not coincidentally allowing the state to “educate” the children while both parents rot at work, I’d also bet the eventual benefits of monetary reform and public banking at one million dollars for the average US household. (author’s note: if there’s only one link you’ll consider, this is literally the most valuable information of all)

Rutherford: And gentlemen, how can our .01% opponents sell this dystopian anti-American debt slavery and ongoing empire without Yellow Journalism practiced in public schools to “teach” our children?

Barnaby: I agree; that’s part of why I see our empire continuing for at least another 100 years. Cornelius disagrees, and concludes the public must awaken soon with the onslaught of lies.

Cornelius: What do you see happening in education?

(a waiter arrives with 4 beers, paid by Grover)

Grover: (solemnly) To the brighter future we all stand for. (all toast)

Barnaby: The “high school movement” will soon force compulsory state education on all our children to age 18. Those parents who fail to comply will be jailed, and their children taken by the state for “proper upbringing.” Those parents who “home school” their children will be harassed at the least, and made illegal if the Robber Barons can hit that goal. The upper-class will pay for private schools that actually deliver an education worth paying for.

Rutherford: When the “high school” phase is complete, then they’ll add four more years with college. They’ll build public universities with only “state approved” courses. A catch is our Robber Barons will start requiring new hires to have a college degree, as will government for all the high-paying jobs. Their media will print stories of the benefits of college, most big companies learn to require college degrees, and soon public “education” will control what our children learn from age 5 to 22.

Barnaby: They’ll decrease the arts, music, everything beautiful, and add more bullshit disguised as “real-world” examples (and here). More and more our children will sit at desks with nothing real to ever apply, nothing to test, no getting your hands dirty. They’ll force our brightest children to take more of their bullshit; call it “Advanced Placement” with “college credit” if you learn the official government stories!

Cornelius: And these high school students taking “college-credit” courses will never ever ever study current events in the real world around them. All they’ll get is theory about reality, but never to look at it directly with their own two eyes, touch with their own two hands, and experience directly. Oh, they’ll learn the US Constitution and American platitudes of freedom alright, but never examine the forever wars for factual accuracy past surface “official government” claims (consider here, here, here).

And if anyone tries to compare the objective facts to the official lies for war, those teachers will be told “the study of war facts have nothing to do with our Advanced Placement US Government course” and then they’ll invent reasons to fire such teachers. But they might be fine letting the awake teachers speak if all others have become hypnotized by the propaganda to blindly believe the dictates of the looters and liars. The awake might point to the data for a decade to discover nobody can hear them.

Grover: (smirking) And I imagine these state-run universities will start off free or close-to-free. Then gradually these prices will accelerate until the average graduate begins adult life in debt for what a man can earn in a year. Females are encouraged to graduate college, of course. But the debt is such a problem that, oh just because we’re using this number, a million or two college students sell their bodies for sex in very high-paying “part time employment” to ultra-wealthy Sugar Daddies. And the media will sell all the benefits of high-income to pay “necessary but dangerous” debt without detail of sucking dicks and fucking to get the money, or the alternative to return back to free education. The Robber Barons will use these prostitutes legally.

Rutherford: Those whoremongers will try to corner the “college twat market,” I’ll wager that. They’ll also limit the supply of “good” colleges to make those who got in grateful, and willing to do anything to pay tuition.

They’ll want the horns of a dilemma: children are damned if they don’t go graduate from college to access decent work, and damned in debt if they do go to college.

Barnaby: And the less-than-able for college and poor will have few options other than joining the military for “education help” while being the muscle of American empire.

Cornelius: (taking another drink) Let us lampoon this topic, gentlemen: perhaps our masters will invent sayings for those suckered into killing foreigners for their resources, all under our flag and paid for by our taxes: “thank you for your service,” make national holidays such as “Memorial Day” and “Veterans Day” to help legitimize this neocolonialism. Have big sports events display soldiers playing the National Anthem; you know this started last year in ’18 at the World Series with the Red Sox and Cubs, right? Have military aircraft fly over the stadiums and parades. Re-frame peace activism into other celebrations like the President starting “Mother’s Day” to honor those whose sons died in war rather than any call to end wars, which originally motivated these mothers.

Rutherford: And have three-quarters of the children attend schools where half the children are poor to motivate the failures that the school system intentionally causes to join the military rather than live on the streets like a guttersnipe. Maybe keep 20% of the children poor at any given time, and about half always at risk. That’ll keep the military numbers up (see “more game-changing economic data”).

Cornelius and Barnaby: how do your families respond to the topics of our discussion?

Cornelius: My wife wants the vote, but won’t really know what she’s voting for beyond what the news and speeches tell her.

Barnaby: My family calls me a “lunatic” and “moon-toucher” for questioning our government, especially in times of war.

Grover: Gents, do you think radio can save the American republic? Or motion pictures? Can mass communication break the illusion?

Cornelius: No. They’ll just become another propaganda source for our imperialist masters. Even if technology can make a movie theater we can hold in our hands and store in our pockets, they’ll become platforms of lies. Even if we walk around with telephones in our pockets, nothing will change. Jesus, I’m talking myself around to Barnaby’s position that it’ll all just get worse!

Barnaby: (smiles gently) We have yet to discuss God’s role in this mess. He is not fooled. He does not suffer evil. There must be a plan to all of this to exist under His love and might.

Rutherford: Amen to that, Brother.

Cornelius: That’s what I see, too, and why I must say the awakening must be soon! I mean, how much more shit does the public take?!?

Grover: (to Cornelius in good humor) Are you so confident, sir, to speak to the plans of God?

Cornelius: If we do our part, I’m sure God is open to helping His children, of that I’m sure. But you’re right about my judgment, sir. I have thought humanity beyond the breaking point for years now. I have been, so far, wrong in that conclusion.

Rutherford: So may we end with my original question: how much more evil must we endure before the public recognizes these demons? Will gentlemen 100 years hence be having this same discussion either in taverns such as this, or taverns on a movie-screen they store in their pockets or upon their desktops?

Barnaby: Brothers, I do not speak for God, nor have wisdom for the purpose of evil on Earth. Perhaps if Cornelius’ friend, Peter Cooper, had his spirit visit us now, he might well say that gentlemen discussed such topics 100 years ago. Who knows? Our true history is hidden from us more than we can imagine.

To answer, dear Rutherford, humanity must endure more. Perhaps 100 years, as our numbers are too few to do anything more than offer choice to our Brothers and Sisters who would just as soon turn to another world war than pay attention.

Cornelius: I bet on humanity to awaken, gentlemen. I don’t like the responses we receive anymore than you do, but dad gum it, we will try!

Grover: We are of the opinion that such questions are not for us to answer. We simply lack the vision to know if we’re looking at reality, or just shadows cast upon a wall such as in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

We surrender the path and plan to God. We will think, speak, and take actions for virtue as best we imagine, but simply find the question unhelpful to attempt answering.

Rutherford: (raising the little remaining in his glass) To truth and justice. And perhaps request to the Almighty of our preference to live in such a place.

(all finish their beers. Grover and Rutherford stand. Cornelius and Barnaby also stand.)

Barnaby: We are not alone. We act for greater purpose. Trust in truth and justice, gentlemen; we accept no less, and place our lives in service for that purpose.

(similar analogy from Hamilton: The story of tonight in 92 seconds)

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Think ‘We the People’ are close to winning? A conversation 100 years ago might also conclude the US couldn’t possibly get more corrupt without public awakening…
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