Why Do Western Governments Favor Immigrant-Invaders Over Law-Abiding Citizens? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Why Do Western Governments Favor Immigrant-Invaders Over Law-Abiding Citizens?

NOTE: Some readers have asked why I’m not writing about the impeachment proceedings. The answer is that there are no grounds for impeachment. This is a purely partisan exercise of power by the House Democrats and the presstitutes. It is a pointless exercise as I cannot imagine that the Senate would convict a President on the basis of complaints by Jewish bureaucrats that Trump won’t let them run US foreign policy the way Israel wants.

The House Democrats are not sincere. Their hope is that some mud will stick on Trump and affect his reelection chances. Probably also the CIA is using its media assets to run an experiment to see if Americans are sufficiently braindead that a media campaign can succeed in bringing down a President despite the absence of any offense or evidence. It is a test to see the extent to which the presstitutes can be used to create a generalized false reality. I doubt it will succeed. As Russiagate failed to convince the public, the public is likely to see the second attempt to unelect Trump as another hoax.

As for the subject of today’s column, European governments have destroyed the quality of life for their own citizens by importing huge numbers of rape-prone men from cultures that are too different from European culture to assimilate. European women especially are paying a very high price for the idiotic policy of the European governments. Scandinavian readers in particular have asked me to report on the plight of women in Scandinavia as domestic media and police are not permitted to reveal that the extraordinary explosion in rape is due to immigrant-invaders and that the rapists are seldom punished.