“Only the dead have seen the end of war.” -- Plato

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Davis Divan: Remembering the 1948 Three-Wheeled Sedan Dubbed the 'Ultimate Car Of The Future' jainshrey

In the post-World War II era, the automotive industry was a center of innovation and opportunity.

With the American public clamoring for new vehicles and new technologies and materials readily available from wartime developments, the time was ripe for bold ideas, no matter how unconventional they might seem.

One such idea came from the creative mind of Indiana-based used car salesman Glenn Gordon "Gary" Davis.

Biden Signs Bill to Give $95B to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan, Ban TikTok ChrisMenahan

President Biden on Wednesday signed "MAGA Mike Johnson's" bill to give $95 billion from US taxpayers to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan and ban TikTok for allowing criticism of Israel to go viral.

This bill was a giant "F*** you" to the American people and a pledge of allegiance to the Israel Lobby.

It cements that the American people have nearly zero representation in Washington and Donald Trump hasn't learned anything or changed at all.

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Ukraine has now used long range missiles in Russian-held areas on two occasions, according to a report.

The U.S. government had secretly shipped the missiles to Ukraine.

The missiles were part of a $300 million military assistance package that U.S. President Joe Biden approved.

This past weekend, April 20, 2024 the US House of Representatives passed a bill to provide Ukraine with another $61 billion in aid. The measure will quickly pass the Senate and be signed into law by Biden within days.

Russia breaks through Ukraine front line and captures strategically important town after 'newly-arrived brigade fled their post' in major blow to Kyiv - just as US finally approves huge aid package MikeRivero

Russian troops have reportedly pushed through Ukrainian lines to take the strategic town of Ocheretyne in Donetsk - the latest scoop for Vladimir Putin's forces amid a recent string of gains on the battlefield.

Videos shared on the Telegram messaging app by Russian military bloggers appeared to show the Russian tricolour flying atop a damaged building in the town that once was home to 30,000 Ukrainians. 

As a direct result of the United States approving $61 Billion in new military aid to Ukraine, Russia has announced they are now required to take two additional states of Ukraine - Sumy and Kharkiv -- to assure Russian national security.

The aid package from the United States includes long-range ATACMS missiles, which can be used to strike targets inside traditional Russia, so Russia needs a safety zone to protect itself from such launches.

April 23 was marked by new Russian precision strikes on Ukrainian military and industrial facilities in various rear regions, including in the capital. After several waves of night strikes, Russian missiles were also launched in the day time. After the air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was depleted both in the rear regions and near the frontlines, Russian drones and missiles are effectively destroying their targets no matter when or where.

On the night of April 23, explosions thundered in Kiev, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Cherkasy, Odessa and Poltava regions.