"We never had any illusions as to who we are dealing with. It was clear to us that after the Cold War ended, Washington and its NATO satellites sought total hegemony and wanted to resolve their own development challenges at the expense of others." -- Sergey Lavrov's article for Razvedchik news magazine (24/3/2023)

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A former classmate of Thomas Matthew Crooks, the 20-year-old who attempted an assassination, revealed that Crooks once mocked him for supporting former President Donald Trump and generally expressed disdain for mainstream politicians from both parties.

“I brought up the fact that I’m Hispanic and, you know, I’m for Trump. And he said, ‘Well, you’re Hispanic, so shouldn’t you hate Trump?'” Vincent Taormina told Fox News Digital Tuesday.

“No. He’s great. He was a great president. He called me stupid – or insinuated that I was stupid.”

Billionaire Bill Gates has admitted that he and his globalist allies have been using the general public as “guinea pigs” to test dangerous mRNA technology with Covid shots.

In early 2020, Bill Gates was leading “the race to create a COVID-19 vaccine”.

A Minnesota woman has revealed how multiple car insurers have denied her coverage - because of the specific make and model of her vehicle.

State Farm and Progressive both told Erin Walters they won't offer her insurance on her 2019 blue Hyundai because of 'high theft rates' associated with the car. 

Thieves target the model due to its lack of an immobilization system, which makes it easy to steal. 

Billionaire Bill Gates has just unveiled his latest synthetic “food” which he promises will “eliminate” farmers and “save the planet” from “global warming.”

Gates is funding a new startup with produces fake “butter” that doesn’t require dairy cows or the crops needed for margarine.

Instead, Gates says his “butter” is made from “vegan” fat which is produced from chemicals.

Gates-backed startup Savor produces this fat from “emissions” captured from fossil fuel burnings and gas-powered vehicles.

Doctors have issued an urgent warning after a bombshell study revealed that rapidly developing “turbo” cases of colon cancer are skyrocketing among those who have been injected with Covid mRNA shots.

The study, published in the renowned Cureus Journal, found that one form of colon cancer surged by 500% in Covid-vaxxed individuals.

The researchers revealed that the sixfold spike in colon cancer was caused by the mRNA injections.

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit has been filed by the watchdog Judicial Watch against the Department of Treasury for records of communication between the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) and the Department of Agriculture (USDA) regarding the purchase of US farmland by foreign entities.

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit after the Treasury Department failed to respond to an April 10, 2024, FOIA request for:


Authored by Flora Zhao via The Epoch Times 


The long list of unfamiliar names on ingredient labels of processed foods is already a cause for concern. However, many people are unaware of another category of additives never listed on these labels. These “invisible” additives are known as processing aids.