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"The Elderly are useless eaters." -- Henry Kissinger, Quoted in the book "The Final Days".

SSRI Stories is a collection of over 7,000 stories most of which were published newspapers or scientific journals.  In these stories, prescription antidepressant medications are mentioned.  Common to all of them is the possibility – sometimes the near certainty – that the drugs caused or were a contributing factor to some negative outcome: suicide, violence, serious physical problems, bad withdrawal reactions, personality change leading to loss of reputation and relationships, etc.

The once respected medical journal The Lancet is now a mouthpiece for vaccine pushers and communists.

National Vaccine Information Center Co-founder and President, Barbara Loe Fisher, provides unique perspective and opinion about a recent Lancet Commission report demanding that the U.S. government become a collectivist society that devalues individual rights.

She warns of what is coming as the public health elites continue to expand their power and call for the elimination of the human right to autonomy.

Anyone who has experienced a cardiovascular event already knows how important it is to lower the bad cholesterol level in the body. 

Dr. Yaron Arbel, an expert in cardiology and catheterization, was a guest on International Heart Day on Prof. Rafi Carso's program for an in-depth conversation on the causes of heart attacks and the differences between the types of cholesterol in our body.

Sensitive medical records stolen from a major Australian health insurer were leaked by hackers on Wednesday, November 9, after the company refused to pay the group’s ransom demand.

Medibank informed investors and customers that a “sample” of data from some 9.7 million clients had been posted on a “dark web forum.”

Australian health officials said they will not make any changes to their existing recommendations for COVID-19 boosters — meaning they won’t recommend a third booster (fifth dose) for any age group, despite rising case and hospitalization numbers.

Amazon has launched an online chat service to provide customers with advice on common health woes.

The retail giant's new 'virtual care service' gives users access to 'affordable' medical help 'when and how they need it', whether that's at home, at the shops or on the go.

Amazon Clinic, described as a 'virtual health storefront', will connect people with doctors to get advice and prescriptions for more than 20 common health conditions, such as allergies, acne and hair loss.

Top House Republicans are calling President Joe Biden out on Monday after a White House readout of his meeting with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping suggested Biden did not broach the topic of COVID-19 and its origins.

In a pair of statements made to, Michigan Rep. Lisa McClain and Florida Rep. Michael Waltz sounded off about the 'sham' meeting. 

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Food rotting quickly. 

Vital medications ruined.  

Families diagnosed with food poisoning. 

These are just a few of the hundreds of refrigerator complaints that consumers have filed in recent years with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which only publishes reports involving the risk of illness, injury or death. 

Dutch doctors first offered puberty blockers to transgender adolescents three decades ago, typically following up with hormone treatment to help patients transition. Since then, the practice has spread to other countries, with varying protocols, little documentation of outcomes and no government approval of the drugs for that use, including by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.