"'Green', at least where I come from, means immature, unprepared, and uneducated!" -- Michael Rivero

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Man-made climate change denial should be a criminal offence with Britons being misled at a time when extreme weather is getting worse, an expert has said. Jim Dale, founder and senior meteorological consultant at British Weather Services, regularly spars on TV and radio with politicians and presenters who question climate science.

On April 16th, Foreign Affairs published an investigation, documenting in forensic detail how in May 2022 Kiev was a signature away from a peace deal with Russia “that would have ended the war and provided Ukraine with multilateral security guarantees,” which was scuppered by Western powers.

by Tyler Durden

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 - 04:45 AM

In another ominous sign of things to come, leading Western governments appear to be preparing for 'something big' at a moment the proxy war between Russian and NATO centered in Ukraine is escalating at uncontrollable pace.

A group of lawmakers from the UK Parliament, including the House of Lords, has written to British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, demanding immediate recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over North Africa’s coastal Western Sahara region.

A man who described himself as a soldier with the Israeli army was arrested for ‘racially aggravated assault’ after verbally abusing a Muslim woman at a London train station. Witnesses say he pulled a woman’s headscarf, triggering the altercation.

Lowkey quotes suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst. ‘If we are real revolutionaries and join the Labour Party these gentlemen will expel us.’ Prescience