"History is a joke played by the victors on the vanquished in front of an audience that dares not laugh." -- Michael Rivero

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Less than two weeks ago Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico nearly lost his life in a multiple gunshot, failed assassination attempt. He strongly opposes the Ukraine war, is a friend to Russia, launched an investigation into Pfizer and its criminal influence over Slovakia’s previous administration, further blaming the lethal non-vaccines for killing over 21,000 Slovakians.

On Friday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg joined calls for Ukraine to be able to use NATO-provided weapons to strike Russian territory, a step that would mark a major escalation in the proxy war.

“The time has come for allies to consider whether they should lift some of the restrictions they have put on the use of weapons they have donated to Ukraine,” Stoltenberg told The Economist.

Russian Jamming Makes Some US Weapons Ineffective in Ukraine MikeRivero

Russian electronic warfare has rendered some US-made precision-guided weapons ineffective on the battlefield in Ukraine, causing Ukrainian forces to stop using certain munitions altogether, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

As Russian forces are capturing more territory in eastern Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin is willing to end the war across the current frontlines, according to Reuters. Ukrainian officials rejected the offer.

Yesterday, as the Ukrainian regime fired a wave of US-supplied, long-range ATACMS missiles at Russian forces in Crimea, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called for a vast escalation of the war, in which Ukraine would use NATO missiles to bomb Russia.

The Biden administration, using its proxy forces in Ukraine, launched an unprecedented attack on “a key element of Russia’s nuclear umbrella” on Thursday effectively blinding the Russian military from detecting incoming nuclear-armed ballistic missiles. “Satellite imagery confirms” that multiple drones severely damaged “a Russian strategic early warning radar site in the southwestern end of the country” leaving Moscow more vulnerable to enemy attack.


Webmaster addition: Clearly "someone" is opening up routes to stage a nuclear attack against Russia. At some point, Russia may well decide to use their nukes rather than risk losing them! This is madness!