Thought for the day

"The Elderly are useless eaters." -- Henry Kissinger, Quoted in the book "The Final Days".

Every year, about 5,700 U.S. children suffer seizures from the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.1 This finding is derived from results of the most statistically powered safety study ever to measure the association between MMR vaccination and febrile seizures. Published in JAMA in 2004, the study2 evaluated more than half a million children, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, from a Danish population that is relied upon globally to examine vaccine safety.

A large drop in renewable energy output is forcing Spain to increase natural gas demand to generate electricity at a time Europe is in the worst energy crisis in a generation. 

Spain's hydropower output has been halved this year due to drought, and things could get a lot worse as one of the country's largest hydropower plants is set to close. 

More striking will be the partial eclipse phase, which will begin at 4:09 a.m. EST (0909 GMT) and last just over an hour. This is when the moon enters the Earth's umbra, or darker portion of the Earth's shadow. If you didn't notice the penumbral eclipse, you should be able to see this with your unaided eye.

"To the naked eye, as the moon moves into the umbra, it looks like a bite is being taken out of the lunar disk," NASA wrote in its guide.  

Patients are waiting up to two and a half days for an ambulance amid a mounting NHS crisis, an investigation reveals.

The data show delays of more than 24 hours for conditions such as heart attack and strokes, with still longer waits for other cases.

It follows research showing more than 50,000 extra deaths from heart attacks and strokes since the start of the pandemic.

Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a state of emergency for 34 Florida counties on Monday in preparation for what is currently known as Subtropical Storm Nicole, which is expected to begin impacting the state as early as Tuesday.

This system could become a hurricane before making landfall somewhere along the Florida Coast Wednesday night into Thursday. It will then crawl up the East Coast through the weekend as a possible Nor’easter.   

Pfizer’s COVID-19 shots increase the risk of heart attacks in children, according to explosive new research by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

FDA researchers conducted an analysis of the agency’s data regarding the elevated risk of heart attacks due to myocarditis.

Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle that has been linked to Covid vaccines.

Technology capable of collecting solar power in space and beaming it to Earth to provide a global supply of clean and affordable energy was once considered science fiction. Now it is moving closer to reality. Through the Space-based Solar Power Project (SSPP), a team of California Institute of Technology (Caltech) researchers is working to deploy a constellation of modular spacecraft that collect sunlight, transform it into electricity, then wirelessly transmit that electricity wherever it is needed. They could even send it to places that currently have no access to reliable power.

In an exclusive interview with Alexandria (Sasha) Latypova, MBA, who is a former pharmaceutical executive and independent analyst. She has made it clear with her prior reports on TrialSite News that deaths reported in VAERS after COVID-19 vaccination are not randomly distributed according to manufacturing lots as they are with influenza vaccines; instead, they are aggregated in specific “hot lots.”