"If the government has to order you to buy a product, you know the product is costly, useless, and probably dangerous as well!" -- Michael Rivero

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Antisemitism used to mean “someone who doesn’t like Jews,” but nowadays it means “someone that Jews don’t like for some reason or another.” The deliberate trick here is to make you think there is something wrong not with the Jewish baby killers, liars, or scum who are doing bad things but with the person noticing and reacting to the bad things these miscreants are doing.

'These Protesters Belong in Jail': Gov. Abbott Cheers Arrest of Pro-Palestine Protesters at UT Austin MikeRivero

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday declared that "antisemitic" college students at UT Austin protesting Israel's war on Gaza "belong in jail" and insisted that any student taking part in "hate-filled, antisemitic protests" should be expelled. 

"Arrests being made right now & will continue until the crowd disperses," Abbott said on Twitter. "These protesters belong in jail. Antisemitism will not be tolerated in Texas. Period. Students joining in hate-filled, antisemitic protests at any public college or university in Texas should be expelled."

Israel violating US and international law, ex officials say MikeRivero

Israel’s attacks in Gaza reflect a “systematic disregard for fundamental principles of international law” and “raise grave concerns regarding the [Biden] Administration’s compliance with both U.S. and international law,” according to an explosive new report from a prominent group of former U.S. officials and legal scholars.

Mike Stone Universities Shutting Down Over Gaza MikeRivero

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

You’ve heard the expression, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” Well, what if they gave a war and people came to the other side?

MAJOR BEX ALERT - Nolte: Elite Universities Breed the New Hitler Youth MikeRivero

What we’re seeing across America’s “elite” academic institutions is something the Western world has not seen since 1930s Germany: an open, naked, toxic, violent, seething, and uncompromising hatred of the Jews. Worse, we are seeing a mainstream acceptance of that hatred.

French police summoned the leading left-wing MP Mathilde Panot for an investigation into an alleged “apology for terrorism” on Wednesday, in connection with her criticism of Israel’s war on Gaza. 

“We will not be silent. No summons, no intimidation of any kind will prevent us from protesting against the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people,” Panot said in a press release.