“One of the creeping hands of totalitarianism running through the democracy is the Federal Bureau of Investigation... Because why does the FBI do all this? To scare the hell out of people… They work for the establishment and the corporations and the politicos to keep things as they are. And they want to frighten and chill the people who are trying to change things.” -- Howard Zinn, historian

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A Ukrainian woman doused herself in flammable liquid and self-immolated in front of a courthouse in Kiev Region, reportedly in protest of her husband’s conscription being denied postponement.

The Kiev Region police confirmed that the incident took place at around 4 pm on Thursday. Once court security noticed the woman dousing herself with a flammable substance, the guards “tried to stop her, but the woman set herself on fire,” the police wrote on Telegram.

Air Force violating federal law under Biden admin, GOP Rep says MikeRivero

A letter by Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) claims that the United States Air Force is continuing to push the Biden administration’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI agenda) in direct violation of federal law.

The Iwo Jima 2.0 pic, immortalizing the Trump fist surviving an assassination attempt, has taken the world by storm – generating everything from a meme tsunami on China’s Weibo to fresh anime in Japan. Not to mention the deluge of hats and T-shirts.

When you grow up here, the blood in your veins is a different temperature — it boils all day long,' says Lior Shelef. 'People here love a good fight. It seems like human nature.'

The 48-year-old Israeli infantry veteran should know. He has seen more than half a dozen conflicts here in the small ­kibbutz of Snir that sits on Israel's scorching northern border with Lebanon.

Mossad Director David Barnea, the Israeli official leading indirect negotiations with Hamas, said Wednesday that one of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s latest demands may prevent a potential ceasefire and hostage deal.

The death count for Palestinian journalists in Gaza has hit 160 as Israeli forces continue to target civilians throughout the Strip. The mass killing of reporters has shrouded the true devastation caused by the Israeli bombing campaign. 

Germany is planning to cut its spending on military aid for Ukraine in half next year and is telling Kyiv to look elsewhere for more funding.

According to Germany’s draft budget for 2025, Berlin will bring its spending on Ukraine to 4 billion euros ($4.35 billion), down from 8 billion euros ($8.7 billion).