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"Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind." -- George Orwell


Former US president Donald Trump claimed Saturday he would have brokered additional peace agreements between Israel and “maybe all” remaining Arab countries had he remained in office for a second term, repeating his false claims that the 2020 election had been “rigged.”

“We would have had maybe all of them, that includes Saudi Arabia, within a short time after the election,” Trump said in a satellite address to the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership conference in Las Vegas.

Yemen’s national oil company announced on 8 November that the Saudi-led coalition seized the “Daytona” diesel ship, despite an already forced search at the port in Djibouti.

On his Twitter page, the spokesperson for the oil company, Issam al-Mutawakil, wrote: “The US-Saudi aggression coalition continues to practice piracy and distillation of fuel shipments with a humanitarian purpose, today it detained the diesel ship Daytona, despite it being subjected to a forced inspection in Djibouti.”

Iran's intelligence minister told its regional rival Saudi Arabia on Wednesday that there is no guarantee of Tehran continuing its "strategic patience," according to semi-official Fars news agency.

"Until now, Iran has adopted strategic patience with firm rationality, but it cannot guarantee that it will not run out if hostilities continue," Fars quoted Esmail Khatib as saying.

"If Iran decides to retaliate and punish, glass palaces will crumble and these countries will not experience stability anymore."

At a forum organized on 4 November at Wilson Center, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Barbara Leaf, and the former US ambassador to Lebanon, David Hale, discussed the US foreign policy in Lebanon and the grim future that awaits it.

Why don’t you talk about something that matters?” President Biden replied to a journalist asking about why he fist-bumped Saudi dictator Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) during his “begging for barrels” trip to the Middle East in July. Biden hoped the Saudis would rescue his presidency by pumping more oil in order to lower American gasoline prices and prevent the demolition of the Democratic Party in the mid-term elections.

US Central Command launched warplanes based in the Persian Gulf toward Iran after Saudi Arabia claimed Tehran was planning an imminent attack on the kingdom, The Washington Post reported on Saturday.

“We are concerned about the threat picture, and we remain in constant contact through military and intelligence channels with the Saudis,” the National Security Council said in a statement on Tuesday. “We will not hesitate to act in the defence of our interests and partners in the region.”

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Following Tuesday's WSJ report revealing that Saudi Arabia and its ally the United States are on high alert over a potential impending attack from Iran, the Pentagon has narrowed its assessment, saying there's credible threat of an attack "soon or within 48 hours."