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Hold on to your hats because former President Donald Trump has just dropped another bombshell. In his usual no-nonsense style, Trump has sent a clear and direct message to business executives across the nation: What Biden will do to you is unthinkable. The former president is making it crystal clear that the upcoming election is a high-stakes game for America’s business leaders.

He laid out his case against President Joe Biden’s tax policies, which he argues are strangling American businesses and driving the economy into a ditch.

Labour was under pressure to ‘come clean’ last night after a bombshell dossier laid out dramatic tax rise plans. The Mail can reveal that proposals put forward by a group of party MPs – whose members include Sir Keir Starmer – suggested six raids to raise £60 billion. These included hiking inheritance and capital gains taxes, imposing a ‘jackpot’ levy on extreme wealth and introducing council tax reforms which could see families’ bills double. The plan also proposed forcing working pensioners to pay National Insurance.

America is now almost $35 trillion in debt. That means every American owes $100,000.

The Biden administration doesn't care. They want to spend more.

Already they are spending so much that they're increasing our debt by a trillion dollars every 100 days.

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Given the conversation on cable news over the weekend, it behooves us at the Breitbart Business Digest to again explain that Donald Trump's proposed tariffs are not necessarily inflationary, and the people telling you that they are are partisan hacks with no credibility on the matter.

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Trump Announces Idea To Eliminate Income Tax And Replace It With Tariffs MikeRivero

Former President Donald Trump has an idea that is going to be music to the ears of many Americans as he wants to eliminate income tax.

The president and Republican lawmakers have an “all tariff policy” that would replace income tax if implemented, CNBC reported.

“He does want to look at lowering the income tax, and that could be offset and paid for by some type of tariffs, particularly on adversarial nations,” New York  Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis said.

Trump Drops Bombshell Proposal: Suggests Eliminating Income Tax in Favor of High Import Tariffs during DC Republicans Meeting MikeRivero

CNBC first reported:

President Trump reportedly floated a bold proposal on Thursday to abolish income tax and implement an all-tariff policy.

California introduces tax-by-the-mile plan as state revenue from fuel tax drops due to electric vehicle usage malterwitty
Buyers of electric cars in California may not have been aware of the new tax-by-the-mile plan before they decided to purchase their vehicles. Had they known about the potential added cost, they may have made a different decision. But regardless of personal choice, California law mandates that all new car sales be electric by 2035. “This pay-to-drive scheme essentially turns your car into a rental,” Patrick Wood said. After quoting from a course on technocracy in 1934, he added, “Don’t tell me that Technocracy is not in play here.”