"Bailout: Taking a trillion dollars from the people and giving it to the banks so the banks can loan it back to the people, at interest!" -- Michael Rivero

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We're used to hearing about hurricanes hitting places like Florida, Louisiana, and Texas, but a 1913 event called the White Hurricane took place far away from those oceanside states. The White Hurricane struck the Great Lakes region over a three-day period in November, resulting in more than a dozen shipwrecks and 250 deaths. More than a century later, the White Hurricane is still the biggest inland maritime disaster in American history.

When it comes to college dorms, some things never change. It may have modernized over time (WiFi, TV, air-conditioning, etc.), but when you see these college dorm photos, put together by the University of Wisconsin-Madison's archives department over the course of 110 years, you'll notice how family photos are still hung on walls and how students still chill out with their friends in their rooms - some things never change.

As a result, some people on the left are sincerely worried about Biden’s chances in 2024 and are even calling for a contested Democrat primary in 2024.

People Start Calling for the Defunding of CUNY Over Anti-American and Anti-Semitic Law School Graduation Speech orraz Sat, 06/03/2023 - 12:21

A speech at the graduation ceremony for the law school at the City University of New York was filled with hatred for America and Israel.