When you are playing with a baby, you can use the n-word, the f-word, the P-word, the Z-word, and as long as you smile and use a soothing voice the baby will continue to smile and laugh. If an adult is driven to tears by a mere word, it's because somewhere along the way, someone taught them to react with shock and anger at that word. That gives the word power over the person so trained and conditioned, and power to those who use such words to control you. Our society gives too much power to mere words, and this undermines our society. -- Michael Rivero

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European Parliament members criticise EU as 'accomplice of Israel' MikeRivero

Some members of the European Parliament (EP) on Tuesday criticised the European Union for being an “accomplice” in Israel’s actions violating international law and for perpetuating them, Anadolu Agency reports.

The members of parliament criticised the EU’s stance on Israel’s actions violating international law during a session titled “EP’s reaction to the killing of humanitarian aid workers, journalists, and civilians by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip” held at the EP.

European Nations With Patriot Missiles Hesitate to Give the Air Defense Systems to Ukraine MikeRivero

European Union countries possessing Patriot air defense systems gave no clear signal on Monday whether they might be willing to supply them to Ukraine, which is desperately seeking at least seven of the missile batteries to help fend off Russian air attacks.

Russia scrambles nuclear-capable missiles to NATO border as WW3 fears skyrocket MikeRivero

Russia has reportedly mobilised nuclear-capable missiles to its border with NATO member Finland, as fears of Vladimir Putin escalating conflict in the region soar.

According to Russian media, a missile brigade has been formed near the new NATO member, equipped with the Iskander-M ballistic missiles - capable of firing conventional and nuclear warheads.

By Tsvetana Paraskova of OilPrice.com

The next round of EU sanctions against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine should include measures to address the shadow fleet of tankers helping Russia move its oil and a ban on EU imports of Russian LNG, Sweden’s foreign minister said on Monday.  

Russia dramatically ramped up its air and missile strikes inside Ukraine in March in the wake of a coordinated campaign by the Ukrainian military targeting Russian infrastructure using drone warfare. The strikes created large holes in Ukraine’s air defenses, which Kiev’s NATO patrons are now hoping to patch up.

Officials in the European Union and NATO have launched a pressure campaign targeting Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to give their advanced air defense systems away to Ukraine.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has called upon the left-wing Labour Party to “reset” relations with the European Union if they win the next general election.

Tony Blair, who led the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007, urged current leader Sir Keir Starmer to seek closer trading and political ties with Brussels if he ascends to Downing Street, as all polling suggests.

Sanctions dont scare me Russian Orthodox leader MikeRivero

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, has said he will not be intimidated by travel bans imposed by several EU nations. The restrictions are part of wider Western sanctions on Russia in response to its military operation in Ukraine.

“They’ve made the Patriarch persona non grata in Europe. Why? It’s because the Patriarch is spiritually leading the nation, leading the church that has taken a different civilizational path of development,” Kirill said during a service in Moscow.

NATO Could Shoot Down Russian Missiles Over Ukraine From Poland - German Ex-Defense Official MikeRivero

Polish territory was suggested by a German researcher as a likely venue for this brazen proposal amid Warsaw's over-the-top anti-Russia rhetoric. Poland has been stocking up on weapons, with the country’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk going so far as to say that Poland was in a “pre-war state” with Russia.