"We never had any illusions as to who we are dealing with. It was clear to us that after the Cold War ended, Washington and its NATO satellites sought total hegemony and wanted to resolve their own development challenges at the expense of others." -- Sergey Lavrov's article for Razvedchik news magazine (24/3/2023)

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Authored by Josh Owens via OilPrice.com,

Climate campaigners are challenging the UK’s approval of the first new coal mine in the country in three decades, with the High Court beginning hearings on the case on Tuesday.  

(SQAUK) — As artificial intelligence (AI) systems continue to progress, their increasing electricity demand has escalated into an urgent crisis. This immediate threat is causing power shortages and a rapid surge in utility bills for homeowners nationwide. The proliferation of AI is accelerating, placing severe strain on our already limited energy resources. A recent Energy Security Freedom initiative report reveals the staggering extent of energy consumption by AI systems. These systems require enormous computational power, especially large-scale data processing and machine learning.

The Biden Administration has been trying for the past couple of years to get people to adopt technology that is not fully ready for the purposes they intend it to be for.

States are beginning to rebel at this notion of replacing every car on the road with an electric one.

Virginia is one of the states that has the sense to see that this is something that at this point, as I said earlier, is nothing more than a good idea.

The Interior Department last Friday blocked 28 million acres of federal land in the state of Alaska from any mining or oil and gas development. 

Rick Whitbeck, Alaska state director for Power The Future, said the decision on D-1 lands removes an area the size of the state of Pennsylvania from resource development, which will have severe energy impact to the nation and the state of Alaska.